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The Fight Continues as WAIT-PW heads to Court.

Spring fling Wait=PW

WAIT-PW is scheduled to go to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice on April 18th 10:00 am at 80 Dundas Street, London Ontario.

Your support is requested. Their latest fundraiser is a Spring Fling  with a live band, fun and refreshments and so much more.  Save the date Friday April 8, 2016.

Prizes! Raffles! Dancing!  Donations can also be made via their website at:

Small Change for Big Burden


March 29, 2016
Grimsby Lincoln News

Re. West Lincoln will get $9.2M wind turbine boost, March 18:

Do not be surprised if the residents of West Lincoln are not ecstatic about receiving $9.2M.  Sure, it sounds like a lot of money, but remember it is paid in yearly installments of only $460,000.

It will take 20 years before the money is all in.

When you consider that 44 turbines will be installed, for which the wind proponent expects to make 1M a year, which means $880,000,000 in 20 years, and the lease land owners expect receive a yearly installment of $50,000 for each turbine, equaling $1M, it sort of makes 9.2M paid to West Lincoln small change for the imposition of this project on our community.

Nellie DeHaan, Smithville

Children of Ireland Tommy the Turbine is a fairy tale.


derry-school-pupils-presented-with-tommy-the-turbine-books10:20 Monday 28th of March 2016

Primary seven pupils at a Derry primary school have been presented with copies of a new educational book written by a local teacher.

Pauline Davison’s “Tommy the Turbine,” which was presented recently to pupils at Eglinton Primary School (pictured) tells the story of the journey of a little wind turbine from his home in Canada, to his new life in the beautiful countryside of Northern Ireland.

Tommy feels a little nervous as he makes his journey from Belfast port, and through the countryside…


Funding into wind project and human health

Anne Kelso
NHMRC CEO Professor Anne Kelso

NHMRC CEO Professor Anne Kelso noted that further research is needed to explore the relationships between wind farms and human health.

“Existing research in this area is of poor quality and targeted funding is warranted to support high quality, independent research on this issue.

“To address this, we need well designed studies conducted by excellent researchers in Australian conditions.

“These grants directly support the Australian Government’s commitment to determine any actual or potential effects of wind farms,” Professor Kelso said.

NHMRC funded research at the Flinders University of South Australia will explore relationships between noise from wind farms and effects such as annoyances and reduced sleep and quality of life.

Research at the University of New South Wales will investigate the broader social and environmental circumstances that may influence the health of people living near wind farms.

The outcomes of this research will assist in developing policy and public health recommendations regarding wind turbine development and operations in Australia.

Professor Kelso said it was important to note that the funding will support only high quality, well designed research proposals.

“NHMRC supports only the most outstanding research. Each application for this funding underwent the same stringent independent review process we apply to all NHMRC grant applications,” Professor Kelso said.

These grants are awarded in response to the 2015 Targeted Call for Research into Wind Farms and Human Health, following the release of the NHMRC Statement: Evidence on Wind Farms and Human Health.

Information relating to the individual grants is available on the NHMRC website –

Contact: NHMRC Media Team (0422 008 512 or