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WAIT-PW Goes to Court

Monday, April 18th, 10:00 a.m.

Divisional Court, London, Ontario

Courthouse Address: 80 Dundas St. London, ON

Parking Address: 100 Queens Ave, London, ON Wait- PW court hearing april 18, 2016

Your attendance is encouraged and appreciated.

Legal Summary:                      In December 2014, The Ontario Superior Court of Justice (higher Court) in a ruling indicated that the Environmental Review Tribunal is required to engage in a two step analysis on appeals of wind turbine projects. While an Appellant is required to show that the project will cause harm (step 1), the Tribunal must also be satisfied that the project will NOT CAUSE harm (step 2).

Recent evidence that came out of the appeal of Gary Fohr showed that while the scientific evidence has been unable to conclusively demonstrate harm, the experts for the wind company and the government agreed that there is NO SCIENTIFIC DATA available to demonstrate that wind turbines do NOT CAUSE harm. The Fohr appeal has been joined with our appeal.  We, as well as the court, will have the benefit of the Fohr evidence at our appeal.


The provincial government has recently approved more industrial wind projects into Ontario communities who were unwilling hosts.  More projects are slated for 2017.  On Monday, we have an opportunity to make a difference.

We appreciate your support, your attendance and your financial contributions. 

Your donations can be made:

  1. Online using Paypal or Credit Card
  2. Cheque made to WAIT-PW and mail to P.O. Box 219 Plympton-Wyoming, ON, N0N 1TO
  3. Deposit directly with Southwest Credit Union in Wyoming or Sarnia, ON



Huron County Wind Turbine Health Unit Investigation

Huron County Health Unit is undertaking a  an investigation into complaints concerning Industrial Wind Turbines. Your participation in the Huron County Health Unit investigation is critical.  This is a first of its kind in Ontario. 

Bluewater residents:. If you are experiencing health concerns and/or hearing Industrial Wind Turbines in your neighbourhood. Call the Bluewater Municipal office (.519-236-4351 or 1-877-236-4351)

Huron County residents call the Huron County Health Unit: (519.482.3416 or toll-free 1.877.837.6143).

Please share with your contacts in Huron County, Ontario.


Resistance Large & Growing in Ireland

Wind Aware Ireland has rejected claims made by the Irish Wind Energy Association (IWEA)friesian-cattle-turbines1-400x225 that wind turbines don’t negatively impact on property prices.

The IWEA had claimed that research carried out in the UK last year found that wind farms have no negative impact on the prices of property within a 5km radius of wind turbines.

Wind Aware Ireland is an alliance of community groups from 20 counties, which challenges the development of “industrial wind farms” and associated grid infrastructure across Ireland.

“To justify the roll out of thousands of wind turbines and associated grid infrastructure the benefits of wind should outweigh the costs,” said a Wind Aware Ireland spokesperson.

“These costs are substantial and include the reduction of property values in proximity to wind farms.”

In 2014 Stephen Gibbons from the London School of Economics authored a report, “Gone with the wind: valuing the local impacts of wind turbines through house prices,” which estimated the effects of visible wind farm turbines on housing prices in England and Wales.

“This price reduction is around 5-6% for housing with a visible wind farm of average size (11 turbines) within 2km, falling to 3% within 4km, and to 1% or less by 14km, which is at the limit of likely visibility,” the report concluded.

Wind farms with 20 or more turbines reduce prices by 3% at distances between 8-14km, and by up to12% within 2km.”

The report found that a household in England or Wales would be willing to pay around £600 per year to avoid having a wind farm of average size visible within 2km, or would be willing to pay around £200 per year to avoid having a large wind farm visible within 8-14km.

“The implied amounts required per wind farm to compensate households for their loss of visual amenities is therefore fairly large: about £12m for a typical 11 turbine wind farm, based on the average numbers of households with turbines currently visible within 4km,” the report said.

“Contrary to IWEA’s statement, the resistance to wind turbines is large and growing,” the Wind Aware Ireland spokesperson said.

75% of wind turbine applications in 2014 are now in court, while a recent Sunday Business Post ad was signed by over 200 community groups opposing these projects.

“We believe decarbonisation must happen but that there are better ways to reduce CO2 than intermittent wind energy, which by its nature cannot replace reliable baseload electricity and to date has reduced our CO2 emissions by about 3%.”

German Report

In the report, “The Impact of Wind Farm Visibility on Property Values” Professor Reinhard Madlener, Chair of Energy Economics and Management at RWTH Aachen University in Germany, came to a comparable conclusion as the London School of Economics report.

Our results indicate that the properties that obtained an extreme-to-medium view due to the wind farm construction showed a decrease in price by about 10-17%.

“In contrast, minor and marginal changes in the property’s views do not cause any statistically measurable adverse effect on its value,” the report concluded.

According to the Wind Aware Ireland spokesperson, “Wind energy in Ireland represents the transfer of wealth from the people to the wind developers, with very little benefit to the environment because the overall reduction on CO2 emissions from wind is about 3%.

“Wind Aware Ireland calls for a moratorium on wind farm development pending planning regulation on set-back distance and proper analysis to justify their construction in the first place.”


Information Open House

Hosted by Wainfleet Ratepayers.   “Connect the Dots …”

Living near an industrial wind turbine can change your life.  Find out what you can do and what you need to knowDSCN0882

 Wednesday, April 13 2016 – Moore Room, Wainfleet Arena

DROP-IN any time from 1:00 to 7:30 pm

The Wainfleet wind turbines have been up for about 18 months. We know of one family in our area that has had severe enough problems that they are selling their home and have moved.

NOT EVERYONE is affected. There is no known, definitive causal link to wind turbines. However, you may have noticed, for example, that you or a member of your family is experiencing some unusual sleeplessness, anxiety feelings, headaches, earaches or dizziness. You may have noticed your pets or livestock are behaving differently and you don’t know what is going on. We have a short check list to help you assess if you or any of your family are being affected.

This OPEN HOUSE is for those living within a 3 to 5 km radius of the project currently running in Wainfleet. It is a DROP-IN format so you can stay as long as you need to. It is an opportunity for us, as a community, to gain better understanding and to learn what to do.

Come and tell us your story and “Connect the Dots …”

Terry Maxner, President, Wainfleet Ratepayers Association

PO BOX 154  Wainfleet ON I0S 1V0

Aviation & Wind Turbines Don’t Mix


Jim Wilson’s Private Member’s Resolution

To Rescind Approval of 8 Wind Turbines Dangerously Close to Collingwood Airport Runways

2:30pm-4pm, April 21, 2016 QUEEN’S PARK, Toronto

Transportation: Coach Bus

Departs: from Collingwood Regional Airport to Queen’s Park

Date: Thursday April 21, 2016

Time: 11.00 am sharp

Cost: $30 cash-return

Box Lunch Provided-Donations Welcome

aviation and turbinesTo Make Reservations Contact: Lou Cunningham @ 705-606-5552

Jim Wilson MPP:


Sumac Ridge Community Liason Committee.

READ FROM THE BOTTOM UP… About says it all.

Emails from Mr. Awde to  Mr.Surette of WPD, Manager of Communications. Subject: Sumac Ridge Wind project in Southern Ontario.

Hello Kevin,

Further to your notice of the creation of a Community Liason Committee….

Please remain assured that as I watch the  destruction and industrialization of the lands around our farm with the Snowy Ridge project that I have no intention of aiding or abetting WPD in the ‘uglification’ of the Sumac Ridge area…. including the proposed totally unnecessary ravaging of Wild Turkey Road.

I have just seen the pictures of  what you have just done at White Pines and can hardly swallow the bile that rose in my mouth.

I do not wish you and your Community Liason Committee well.

I do not wish you success.

I can only hope that you and WPD fail in this project and in every other project you are foisting onto unwilling communities like ours.

I am still praying that WPD is not successful in forcing our City into having to open Wild Turkey Road…and that given the issues with the location for Turbine 5, that there will still be some chance that your project will be required to be modified.

You have helped rip our community into pieces and will leave nothing behind but more industrial garbage that degrades our rural and natural heritage areas.

I remain,

Ron Awde


I appreciate that you took the time to lay out the position of WPD. It was not necessary. I have no wish to be mildly schooled or patronized by the paid functionary of  a corporation that has nothing but financial self-interest at heart. I understand they need you to ‘communicate’, but your protestations and explanations about this project and White Pines are all just an attempt at ‘smoothing’. And I loathe having PR people try to use this approach on me.

We are all painfully aware that the developers like WPD …who were effectively granted carte blanche by the government to plant turbines wherever they could find desperate and greedy people with ‘marginal’ land and most often, little idea about the grief it would cause…are being supported to the last gasp by the Ministry and government, since malfeasance suits following project cancellations must send a chill down the Minister’s spine.

We all know that the developers will win on all the projects approved in the first disastrous phase of the Green Energy and Economy Act roll-out. The ERT’s have been nothing more than window dressing…they were designed to be a no-fail process in favour of industrial wind developers. You all helped write the legislation to make it so and now, we understand that the wind developers all buy the politicians in order to get their continued support as well.

When I see the ‘preparation’ that has gone into White Pines so far..all I see is the hypocrisy behind the notion that your wind turbines are either green or respectful of the environment. I understand that for the international wind developers, the projects from the first phase roll-out have been very green as far as cash flow and profits from the original deep subsidies go. But beyond that, none of you really care what mess you leave behind or the damage you cause doing it.

And to be blunt, after hearing the arguments from the Ministry of Environment that developers really should be allowed to harm, harass or kill species in order to construct turbines….or that the MOECC is trying to exempt all ‘Green’ energy projects from any environmental review and after seeing the ruination of natural habitat like I have seen with White Pines, there is no way to convince me of the moral superiority of your position.

My original comments still stand.

I cannot wish the neighbours who have destroyed our community, or WPD, or you and other WPD staff, or the construction companies or any of their workers well. I can only hope that at some point  in your lives that you also have all of your civic rights abrogated, that your own homes are overtaken  and degraded by projects that you can do nothing about and that your own joy in living where you do is destroyed beyond despair.

Because you and all the others who have helped make these projects happen do not wish us well. Those hundreds of us who are directly affected by each industrial wind project looming over our homes understand that we are the no-cost sacrifice  in order for the Liberal government to have created the biggest and most expensive off-book economic stimulus project…that for all the people who now just spend all of their lives parked inside in front of their computer looking at pictures of landscapes and nature…but don’t live in it….we are just collateral damage.

I want you to know that the other day, after driving by the Ganaraska project on Highway 115 and coming home to our farm and looking across the hills that were one of the main reasons that we purchased this land and have placed our 200 acres under perpetual conservation care,  that it made me weep out loud for what we are about to lose…knowing that shortly, for the rest of my life…I will never have this beautiful view of my hills again…that we will all be living in the shadow of the equivalent of 45 storey buildings….how could those of us directly affected by not only the sight but also by the reflected noise that we know from experience we will be dealing with because of  our hills…how could any of us not simply despise your company and all of you who really do not care about us as residents of our community.

At the end of the day, I am only glad that with the amount of noise that we have made with many projects across Ontario… we, as citizens,  have hopefully been able to get some of the base rules changed for wind projects, and that with the scrutiny of the auditor general as well, the loss of the  rapacious subsidized rates is helping to destroy the market for the kinds of projects that you are imposing on communities like ours.

So get on with your Community Liason Committees. Having had to participate as a consultant in these window dressing exercises for other controversial projects before….I’m sure that you will attract enough marginalized or borderline personalities, or bored people who think that they are actually going to make some kind of difference. Since there is no real community cohesiveness or spirit left in this area now that neighbours and even families are all at odds over the destruction of our rural environment, it might give some people who still think that you are doing God’s work a chance to get out of the house once a month.

And please. You really don’t have to respond to this email. I also have far better things to do with my time than to engage in meaningless correspondence with you or anyone else from WPD. I remain,

Ron Awde


Stay Granted to Stop Destruction.

April 8, 2016

Dear APPEC Supporters,

Late this afternoon the Environmental Review Tribunal granted a temporary stay of WPD’s Renewable Energy Approval (REA).  As a result of the stay all construction work at the project site has been brought to a halt.  The Tribunal will schedule a written hearing at a later date to decide on the merits of a more permanent stay.prince edward county destruction

This long-awaited decision is the outcome of a tremendous effort by Eric Gillespie and Priya Vittal, who have worked tirelessly around the clock since Wednesday when the Tribunal issued its reasons related to our previous stay motion.

In giving its reasons the Tribunal indicated that a further motion could be brought to the Tribunal should new evidence become available.  Thanks to the efforts of many individuals and above all our legal counsel, this new evidence was submitted this morning in the form of photographs showing the level of destruction, an affidavit from a Blanding’s turtle expert that turtles are out of hibernation and moving across the project, and letters from local and national groups including the Canadian Wildlife Federation

We have many to thank for this welcome news including those who attended the Court of Appeal hearing in Toronto on Wednesday.  The concern and public engagement left an impression which may have reached out past the courtroom. prince edward county destruction

The good news is that WPD has been ordered to stop all construction at its project site.  In the meantime however our legal bills are growing.  Donations can be made by cheque or by PayPal on APPEC’s website

Please make cheques payable to the South Shore Appeal Fund and mail to the Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County, P. O. Box 173, Milford, ON K0K 2P0.


Orville Walsh

President, APPEC


Environmental Commissioner Hears Concerns About Wind Power

Kudos to WCO, NAPAW, Heather Stauble, Lisa Thompson and all who made this meeting happen.  

Clearly something is broken. Mechanisms such as the Environmental Bill of Rights are failing Ontarians, and proper consultation processes are not being undertaken by this government,”

“When it comes to renewable energy procurement in Ontario, there are key aspects of the process that just don’t seem to be working,” said Lisa Thompson, MPP for Huron-Bruce in a meeting Monday with Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner Dianne Saxe.

MPP Lisa Thompson

Municipal representatives and citizens groups were also on hand to share their experiences with Industrial Wind Turbines in Ontario communities.

“At a time when our province is selling power at a loss to other jurisdictions, there is no need for further projects that seemingly serve proponents at the expense of taxpayers,” said Thompson.

Earlier this week, the Ministry of Energy announced that it was launching a new Request for Qualifications process for renewable energy projects, with the goal of encouraging the selection of projects with local support.

Contracts awarded in March however, show that this has not always been the case. The municipality of Dutton/Dunwich, a participant in Monday’s meeting, is slated to see a 58MW wind farm developed in the area, despite having declared itself an unwilling host community.

Heather Stauble from the City of Kawartha Lakes was also on hand to share a similar story, and highlighted for the Commissioner the challenges her municipality has been facing with regards to access to information and the redaction of expert testimony during Tribunals.

Additionally, Warren Howard of Wind Concerns Ontario highlighted the fact that there have been 2,700 noise complaints filed with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC), and asked the Commissioner to look into Ontario’s noise regulations under Section 61 of the Environmental Protection Act.

“Clearly something is broken. Mechanisms such as the Environmental Bill of Rights are failing Ontarians, and proper consultation processes are not being undertaken by this government,” said Thompson. “But there are opportunities. We have an Environmental Commissioner that can look into these issues, and I hope we can continue our dialogue.”  

In her concluding comments, Sherri Lange of the North American Platform Against Windpower (NAPAW) reminded the Commissioner of her own words, “You cannot manage what you do not measure. Also, take your impact as seriously as if a person you love were the one most affected.”   

Read More:

WE have power of veto!

LETTER TO EDITOR  April 7, 2016

People do have a veto; it’s called a votevive-la-resistance

The recent spate of news this week confirms the sorry state of politics in this province.

First, we have a report from the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) that Ontario has sufficient electricity generating capacity for at least the next 10 years. This has now been followed by the announcement that the IESO will award contracts for an additional 600 MW of wind, 250 megawatts of solar, up to 50 megawatts of hydroelectricity and up to 30 megawatts of bioenergy in 2017.

In defending this announcement, Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli claimed that adding additional capacity will save money by putting downward pressure on electricity prices. He apparently believes that squandering less money than he has in the past is the same as saving money.

Chiarelli also stated that the next round of contracts will put the emphasis on “community support”; something we’ve heard before. He probably missed Deputy Premier Deb Matthew’s recent comment on wind project approvals when she said “we are not prepared to give people a veto.”

Then we have the series of embarrassing revelations that Premier Kathleen Wynne has had a quota system for fundraising for all the cabinet ministers, and ministers who missed their target were taken behind the political woodshed for a sound thrashing. This in turn has led to ministers hosting private fundraising dinners with corporations operating in sectors they regulate.

Access to Wynne’s cabinet ministers in exchange for “donations” has been going on for years, but it’s amazing how quickly she sprinted into action when such an embarrassing detail was exposed to the light of day. This week, just days after raising $2.5 million at a $1,600-a-plate fundraising dinner, Wynne announced she has banned the private and very lucrative tete-a-tetes with ministers and corporations who paid for the privilege of such meetings.

Wynne and the ministers have been quick to claim that there were no promises made in exchange for money. Perhaps not, but as others have pointed out, all the wind developers who were awarded new energy contracts last month had made substantial donations to the governing Liberal party’s coffers.

Ontario is now on the other side of Alice’s looking glass. A dark realm presided over by the Red Queen and a gaggle of her courtiers and court jesters for the benefit of the wealthy who can afford to spend more on a single dinner plate than most of us spend in a month.

Matthews was wrong when she said the people don’t have a veto. We do; it’s called a vote on election day.

Santo Giorno


Published in The Observer:

2016 Wind Turbine Accident Report

Summary of Wind Turbine Accident data to 31 March 2016
These accident statistics are copyright Caithness Windfarm Information Forum 2016. The data may be used or referred to by groups or individuals, provided that the source (Caithness Windfarm Information Forum) is acknowledged and our URL quoted at the same time. Caithness Windfarm Information Forum is not responsible for the accuracy of Third Party material or references.

The Summary may be downloaded in printable form here

This is GLOBAL data – see Detailed Accident List with sources and locations

The attached detailed table includes all documented cases of wind turbine related accidents and incidents which could be found and confirmed through press reports or official information releases up to 31 March 2016. CWIF believe that this compendium of accident information may be the most comprehensive available anywhere.

Data in the detailed table attached is by no means fully comprehensive – CWIF believe that what is attached may only be the “tip of the iceberg” in terms of numbers of accidents and their frequency. Indeed on 11 December 2011 the Daily Telegraph reported that RenewableUK confirmed that there had been 1500 wind turbine accidents and incidents in the UK alone in the previous 5 years. Data here reports only 142 UK accidents from 2006-2010 and so the figures here may only represent 9% of actual accidents.

The data does however give an excellent cross-section of the types of accidents which can and do occur, and their consequences. With few exceptions, before about 1997 only data on fatal accidents has been found.

The trend is as expected – as more turbines are built, more accidents occur. Numbers of recorded accidents reflect this, with an average of 21 accidents per year from 1996-2000 inclusive; 57 accidents per year from 2001-2005 inclusive; 118 accidents per year from 2006-10 inclusive, and 164 accidents per year from 2011-15 inclusive.


Read More: