Incorrect to use the word “farm”

Grimsby Lincoln News

I looked at my free copy of the Grimsby Lincoln News this week and could not help wondering why your publication needs twelve five-inch by ten-inch advertisements related to what is called “Niagara Region Wind Farm”.

8c0c0554-b1cf-4cac-a1f6-9ab51c25619eSurely a simple description with a smaller picture for each of the 12 areas would be enough to remind your readers of the ecological disaster that is being unequivocally forced on the citizens of the Niagara Region.

If you think about it, just the sly use of the name “farm” is an oxymoron. When I think of a farm, what comes to mind is ducks and geese and chickens and hens and cows and pigs and plows and fields abundant with edible plants that have been planted or seeded and are being grown and harvested to feed and support the survival of the human race.1297813168809_ORIGINAL

So where does the relationship between a farm and a 300-ft monstrosity in a field that causes visual and noise pollution and uses wind [when available] that cannot be seen by the naked eye, cannot be stored or planted and cannot be harvested.

Wind Farm. I don’t think so!

unnamed (4)Now, what we have here is field that used to be an active farm and is now defunct. What is left of the farm is now no more than the foundation of a mini power generator that causes death to flying birds along with all the other negative possible resultant health problems from the generation off low frequency sounds and infrasound for anyone living close by.Of course, one mini generator is not enough, so we get hundreds being erected all over the Niagara Region. Make you wonder why the politicians did not simply build a nuclear power station beside the existing Nanticoke Generating Station where there is an abundance of cooling water available from Lake Erie. It would only take one Nuclear Power station to replace every mini generator in Ontario. Not sure if Samsung are in the nuclear power business. Seems like they are in everything else.

But I digress, how about the Grimsby/Lincoln/Niagara News asking your advertiser for the wind Turbines to drop the word “farm”.

Perhaps our own Tim Hudak will step up to the plate and become our own Don Quixote and fight, if not to stop the windmill installations, then at least fight to drop the use of the word “farm”.

Peter Kelly, Grimsby

Letter Published May 4, 2016 via  Niagara This Week.

2 thoughts on “Incorrect to use the word “farm””

  1. I was involved in doing the engineering cost estimates for the two unit reactor proposal at Darlington. The total cost stated in the newspapers was 13 billion dollars. A little internal secret kept from the public was that all estimates were doubled to take into account the expected government interference when it comes to large projects in this province. So taking the real estimate assuming a turn-key project without OPG and government involvement would have given Ontario 2200 MW of “green” power for 6.5 billion dollars. That power would be available 24/7 year round. On the other hand, what I have read from the Auditor’s report Ontarians have so far paid at least 9 billion dollars for highly intermittent wind and solar power that at the best of times (very brief) provides hundreds of MWs. Sounds like a good deal only in the eyes of politicians.

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