I don’t want to be a Warrior

AR-180427467Living near municipal wind turbines has residents on guard

By Mary Whitfill| The Patriot Ledger | April 27, 2018

“Ellen Andrew-Kasper says she struggles to stay awake when she drives because of lack of sleep; David Kennedy leaves home to avoid headaches caused by the flicker of light and shadow through his windows, and Valerie Vitali thought she was having neurological problems from the same light and shadow flicker.

The three South Shore residents have only one thing in common: they live within a mile of a wind turbine.”


““I don’t want to be a warrior,” Vitali said. “I just want to be a person who has lived here for 37 years and has a right to some peace and quiet.”


One thought on “I don’t want to be a Warrior”

  1. Being harmed by wind turbines that were sited too close to one’s home is not something anybody wants. People are forced by reality to appeal for protection from a long list of people who are responsible for the harm. The effort it takes is exhausting. It is absolutely wrong that this is still happening to innocent men, women and children in Ontario, after all of these years.
    We’re told that ‘political will’ is the only answer here in Ontario. Direct your energy toward electing a party that will protect people being harmed without these people having to go through convoluted delays and procedures to prove that they’re being harmed. The turbines need to be turned off until the wind companies and the government who allowed this to happen, prove that these turbines are safe.

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