A Good Life- A Life Remembered- Bill Wightman


That there isn’t an industrial wind turbine spinning over Prince Edward County is largely attributable to Bill’s ability to coalesce like-minded folks and work with them, patiently, diligently toward a political end. While others believed economics or better understanding of physics and nature would eventually topple a parasitic industry built on subsidies and delivering marginal value, Bill knew that government ideology would prevail—that only a shift in political will would end bad policy. But that would take time.  rick@wellingtontimes.ca

A Good Life: http://wellingtontimes.ca/a-good-life/ 

An Evening with Bill Wightman: http://wellingtontimes.ca/an-evening-with-bill-wightman/ 

Bill Wightman: A Life Rembembered:  http://www.caskandbarrel.ca/2017/03/11/bill-wightman-a-life-remembered/

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