Turbulence in West Lincoln


Tempers flared in West Lincoln County chambers over a report on Industrial Wind Turbines.

A local resident spoke earlier to the members that her water well had stopped flowing after drilling occurred several hundred feet away for the installation of a Niagara Wind electrical pole (her deputation starts at around 6 minute mark of the video).

View Council meeting on video:

Niagara This Week  published the following article:

By: Amanda Moore

A newly formed public advisory committee knows it can’t go back in time and change decisions regarding industrial wind turbines. But the West Lincoln Industrial Wind Turbine Advisory Committee is hoping lessons learned can make an impact on future projects in Ontario.

However, councillors on the planning, building, environmental committee think the WTAC’s recommendations need to be cleared up before they can be endorsed.

There was much debate at this week’s planning, building, environmental committee over a set of recommendations from the advisory committee. The recommendations involve reaching out to other municipalities living with wind turbines, joining two organizations and re-emphasizing the township’s status as an unwilling host. Coun. Dave Bylsma, who chairs the committee, said the eight recommendations are the “absolute least” the township can do. He said not approving the committee’s recommendations sends the wrong message to residents.

“If we’re not willing and ready to do those eight, then I honestly don’t think this council cares anymore about the turbine issue,” said Bylsma, after members around the horseshoe debated the motion. “There is nothing offensive in here. It’s about getting information and networking. It commits us to continue working, to continue to network.”

READ MORE: http://www.niagarathisweek.com/news-story/6859535-turbulence-in-west-lincoln-council-chambers/

Eight Requests of the Industrial Wind Turbine Public Advisory Committee that were debated:

(c) ITEM P86-16 Director of Planning & Building (Brian Treble) Re: Report No. PD-113-16 – Recommendation Report – Update and Recommended Actions of West Lincoln Industrial Wind Turbine Advisory Committee RECOMMENDATION:

  1. (1) That, Report PD-113-16, regarding “Update and Recommended Actions of West Lincoln Industrial Wind Turbine Advisory Committee”, dated March 14, 2016, be RECEIVED; and,

  2. (2) That, the Chair of the Wind Turbine Advisory Committee and Township staff arrange a meeting or teleconference with representatives of the Municipality of Grey Highlands to obtain information about the Terms of Reference for their Noise Study (Attachment No. 1 to this report) and an understanding of the benefits and future uses for such a study/report; and,

  3. (3) That, the Wind Turbine Advisory Committee be permitted to continue to fact find the best available methods by which to protect our citizens from the harmful effects of industrial wind turbines and to report back on findings, recommendations and possible costs. This is likely to include the preparation of a business case for a sound, infrasound and tonality study such as the one completed in Grey Highlands, at the appropriate time; and,

  4. (4) That, Township staff obtain the final noise assessment reports as submitted to the Ministry of the Environment-Renewable Energy Approvals Office for the approval of both the HAF and NRWC (now FWRN LP) projects; and,

  5. (5) That, the HAF noise assessment report that was to be completed after 18 months of operation of the HAF wind turbine project be obtained by Township staff; and,

  6. (6) That, Township Staff and Council reemphasize that West Lincoln is an unwilling host for industrial wind turbine projects and obtain Provincial recognition of our position; and,

  7. (7) That, West Lincoln hereby agrees to pay membership fees to become a member of the Multi-Municipal Working Group (approximately $700.00/year) and Wind Concerns Ontario (approximately $100.00/year); and,

  8. (8) That, the Advisory Committee continues to meet and discuss/explore recommended actions for the 24 items as identified in this report; and to continue to report to the Planning/Building/Environmental Committee on a quarterly basis, or more frequently, as required.

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