Samsung More Turbines

turbine-map-haldimand-proposed1Haldimand County Council  has betrayed residents impacted adversely by wind power complexes by welcoming additional proposals for increased development within its boundaries’.  Samsung Energy Inc. presented its pitch for municipality participation on August 4, 2016 for even more wind turbines along the shores of Lake Erie (see pages 13-19) with an anticipated notification date of selected proponents in 2018 in the LRP 2 (large renewable projects).  The massive Grand Renewable Wind and Solar complex was completed in 2015,

“Samsung More Turbines” resolution can be read here:


It was just a few short years ago- 2013 to be exact- that Haldimand declared itself an unwilling host due to pressure from its constituent. The resolution can be read here;


Mayor Hewitt’s motion endorsing the partnership with Samsung Renewable Energy Inc.  in some sort of equity form and to apply for a PPA (purchase power agreement) contract in anticipation of the next round of large renewable energy projects states:

WHEREAS the province has taken a clear direction to move ahead with more green renewable energy projects;

AND WHEREAS the transmission lines and area around them are fundamental for new applications;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT Haldimand County consider a request made by Samsung Renewable Energy Inc. to partner in some equity form and apply for P.P.A. contract in the next round of applications.

Lessons learned  as taken from the Samsung presentation:

  • Community Support is critical in winning the bid (Municipal Resolution, First Nation  Participation, Adjacent landowner consent)
  • Transmission Capacity Availability needs to be deeply considered

Mayor Hewitt has consistently supported Samsung and its partners such as starring in commercials still featured on their website:

Samsung feels it has experience with the local community and Haldimand is the right place for more wind projects.

Since the County is openly on board, Six Nations Band Council is already a part equity owner of Grand Renewable, and HDI accepted payments- it only leaves out those who are considered “non-participating” receptors.

Wind turbines make lousy neighbours but nobody wants to ask those who live in the flickering shadows of Haldimand’s horizons against consent.

Haldimand Press writes about the latest events in its September 15, 2016 edition (subscription):



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