Scaring Children isn’t the Answer

Ontario has been paying for TV ads to promote its policies concerning climate change.  One such ad is where media personality David Suzuki lectures to an audience of children that if action isn’t taken we are all doomed. Wind power generation has been held out as part of the renewable energy solution but it is done without regard to the reported harms to health and harm to the environment. Every time this ad is broadcasted adults should stop and consider if the solutions being offered are the right ones for the right problem. We need to protect our children.  Our government should not be in the business of scaring children.



2 thoughts on “Scaring Children isn’t the Answer”

  1. That is called propaganda.
    Using our children, the next generation, to help implement a new world order.
    It was called agenda 21, now its called agenda 2030, look it up!
    They are changing our climate with geo engineering and HAARP.
    There is government documentation for all of this, Its been going on for decades!!
    Even though all this is happening, the Lord is still in control.
    In the end, He will reveal the truth.
    I will not feel ashamed to speak the truth of my God!
    They want and try to silence us, but I will always stand for Jesus!
    He stood for us, and He said if we deny Him, he will deny us in front of the Father.
    You ask, what does this have to do with Turbines?
    It all ties together! Do your homework!
    The web of lies goes deep………..
    Wake up America!

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