Niagara Wind More Changes…

fwrn change noticeThe Niagara Region Wind Corporation was issued a Renewable Energy Approval (REA) on November 6, 2015, in respect of the Niagara Region Wind Farm project (the“Project”). An amendment to the existing approval for an administrative change to the Project was issued by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) on November 23,2015; to acknowledge the change in ownership of the Project from ‘Niagara Region Wind Corporation’ to ‘FWRN LP’, as FWRN LP has purchased the Project.

FWRN LP is proposing to make changes to the Project and an application has been made to MOECC to modify the terms and conditions of the Project REA.

Notice of Changes:

“Pursuant to the Act and Regulation, the facility, in respect of which the REA was issued, is considered to be a Class 4 Wind Facility. An application has been made to the MOECC to change the project and alter the terms and conditions of the existing REA. The proposed change consists of project design changes to the REA Application and includes:

1. Meteorological (MET) Towers: the installation of three (3) new MET towers to monitor wind speed, wind direction, and other atmospheric parameters, in order to satisfy Independent Electricity System Operator telemetry and forecasting requirements; and,

2. Transmission Line: the addition of an alternate transmission route to avoid pole placement along the Hwy 3 Ministry of Transportation (MTO) right of way to address recent comments received from the MTO.”

Proposed changes include different turbine models and heights.  Details can be found in the proposed modifications report.

To learn more, ask questions or give comments, contact:

  • Project Email Address:
  • Project Website:
  • Project Phone Number: 819-363-6491 or 1-844-363-6491 (toll free)

Shiloh Berriman, Project Coordinator FWRN LP                                    4672 Bartlett Road South, Beamsville, ON L0R 1B1

J.A. (Al) Leggett, Project Manager. Stantec Consulting Ltd.                 300 – 675 Cochrane Drive West Tower, Markham, ON L3R 0B8

Trisha Hughes Environmental Scientist Stantec                                       1-70 Southgate Drive Guelph ON  N1G 4P5

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