“Mom, I just felt something on my body.”

Wind Neighbors Support Health Commission Bill H2032

The State House hearing on H2032 wrapped up late in the day with Sharon Eddy’s testimony about Wind I in Falmouth (7/28/15).

My first encounter with Wind I was at 11 pm immediately after startup.  I was typing a letter on my computer when I felt a direct push on my chest. It knocked whatever I was thinking out of my head and I remember thinking, “What the heck just happened?” That was the beginning of a long, long nightmare.
A month later, my learning disabled son, whose IQ is 73, came to visit during the day. He went out onto our back deck and said, “Mom, I just felt something on my body.” Then he said, “I don’t want to sound dumb, but is that thing turning?”

Read more of Sharon Eddy’s statement, including her letter to the Falmouth Board of Health and entries from her health log. She concluded, “I’ve always believed in science and collection of data and findings to back a theory or inquiry…only then can we learn.”

Eddy described her expeience at the packed hearing: “It was very hot and no room to sit. I was over 2 hours sitting on the floor next to others. Got home at 9 pm as didn’t get out of session until after 5:30 then stuck in Boston traffic for 3 hrs. I was last to testify at 5:20.”


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