Make Wind Turbine Health and Noise Complaints heard at the Federal Level.

REDA- Radiation Emitting Devices Act and Wind Turbines- Letter from Honourable Ben Lobb MP

Ben Lobb, Chair of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health.

June 2015 newsletter (extract):


Some people in the riding of Huron-Bruce have reached out to me many times because of concerns about the operation of industrial wind projects in proximity to their homes.

These concerns are validated through peer reviewed research published internationally. As the Chair of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health (HESA) I take these reports very seriously.

According to David Michaud PhD, principal investigator for the Health Canada wind turbine noise and health study 2014, the Radiation Emitting Devices Act (REDA) has authority over wind turbine emissions in the form of electromagnetic waves or acoustical waves.

Upon investigation I believe the REDA has a system in place to make sure those with wind turbine health and noise complaints are heard at the federal level.

The REDA, which is a federal law, states the following:

  1. (1) Where a person who is the manufacturer or importer of a radiation emitting device becomes aware, after the device has left the person’s premises, of the fact that the device

 (a) does not comply with the standards, if any, prescribed under paragraph 13(1)(b) and applicable thereto, or

 (b) creates a risk to any person of genetic or personal injury, impairment of health or death from radiation by reason of the fact that it

 (i) does not perform according to the performance characteristics claimed for it,

 (ii) does not accomplish its claimed purpose, or

 (iii) emits radiation that is not necessary in order for it to accomplish its claimed purpose,

the person shall forthwith notify the Minister.

Each person who believes they are suffering as a result of a wind turbine project operating in their vicinity should contact the importer/proponent of the project and/or the manufacturer of the actual wind turbines in the project.

You can copy my office on your email messages in order to keep a record Email

In addition you can view the REDA in its entirety at the Canadians For Radiation Emissions Enforcement website to find out more about the REDA law created to protect Canadians from electromagnetic waves or acoustical waves.

I am sure many have already sent letters to the Minister of Health, Rona Ambrose, but the process outlined in the REDA may be more effective.

Many have already heard from various federal ministries that electricity generation is not a federal responsibility. However, the health and safety of Canadian citizens is the responsibility of the Government of Canada.…….


Link to Radiation Emitting Devices Act:

Issue 6

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