Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc Continues Battle Against Wind Project

Tribunal Hearing Starts January 26th  at 10 a.m. at the Firefighter Memorial Hall, 31907 Park Street, Wainfleet (close to Township Offices). Please try to attend to show your support. 

The hearing is expected to last at least 5 days (MondayFriday).

HDI’s (Haudenosaunee Development Institute) request to become a party at the hearing has been denied by the Tribunal.

The current schedule of speakers for the first two days appears below.  Stay tuned for the line up for the following day

Monday January 26th 2015

Marianne Kidd

Lois Johnston

Loretta Shields

Jody Sadler

Kevin Dooley

Sue Atkins


Tuesday January 27th 2015  (evening session until 7:30pm)

Bill Palmer

Linda Rogers

Naomi Brusse

Debbie Hughes

Shellie Correia

Mike Jankowski

Mandy Smith

PLEASE NOTE hearing dates and locations are posted on the Tribunal’s website at


BE THERE! Jan 26, 10am

Plan to attend.  Attend one or all the days, spend a few hours or a few days, but by all means:  come!

Let the ERT know that this project is too big, the turbines are too large and our environment and our residents can and will NOT BE  IGNORED.

In order to accommodate the large turnout expected, the venue for a hearing against a massive wind turbine project will be heard in Wainfleet.

The hearing will now take place at Wainfleet Firefighters Memorial Community Hall beginning Jan. 26.

Five days have been set aside for the hearing.

Wainfleet Firefighters Memorial Community Hall is located at 31907 Park St., Wainfleet.

The hearing is scheduled to start at 10 a.m.


This project is the largest –  covering three municipalities, has  the most “receptors” and the largest turbines.

We object!  We care!  We will not allow them to walk all over us!
We will attend the ERT and SHOW THEM our solidarity.
See you there.

Industrial Wind Turbines: Why the Battle is Worth the Fight

1297643875683_ORIGINAL (1)Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc. has launched an Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) against the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOE) and the Niagara Region Wind Corporation (NRWC).   The NRWC has been granted approval by the Ministry of the Environment to construct 77 industrial wind turbines in West Lincoln, Wainfleet and Haldimand County.   These IWT’s are the largest turbines to be placed on land in North America with the smallest set back. They will generate more empty homes, hospital expenses and higher electricity bills.

Many in the reading audience may be bored with this news, or resigned to the results when little people battle huge corporations or the government, but this battle is worth fighting because more and more red flags are going up on the field. Continue reading Industrial Wind Turbines: Why the Battle is Worth the Fight

NextEra’s stray voltage affecting gas and telephone lines …. what about people?

Over the last year, our communities have been overwhelmed by the installation of Industrial Wind Development.  In the municipalities of North Middlesex, Lambton Shores and Adelaide-Metcalf NextEra’s Bornish project (45 turbines), Kerwood project (37 turbines) and Jericho project (92 turbines) all use the same transmission line to feed electricity into the grid.  Bornish and Kerwood became operational this past summer while Jericho went live last month.  The Suncor Adelaide project of mammoth 2.3 MW turbines has yet to come on line.

IMG_0238All three of NextEra’s projects were appealed to the Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT).  All of the appeals were dismissed, by the esteemed panel; noting that the community had no grounds for concern, as the expert panel provided by the proponents testified under oath that there was no possible impact to the community or the environment.  The ERT found that the Appellants failed to provide evidence to show that engaging in these projects WILL cause serious and irreversible harm.

Here is an example of that testimony from the Jericho ERT:

NextEra’s expert witness, Mr. James Arkerson, Manager – Wind Project Engineering at NextEra Energy Resources LLC, the Approval Holder’s parent company, testified that “he was not an expert in stray voltage“.  He also testified “that the transmission and collection lines for the Project were designed by licensed professional engineers and that the system complies with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code and other applicable standards.”  So they must be safe, and that was evidence enough to prove that the projects would not impact the health and well being of the residents of our communities.

Mr. Arkerson also raised the possibility that other conductive objects, such as metal fences or pipelines, might induce voltage but noted that the Approval Holder is obligated to perform induction studies and demonstrate compliance to the ESA and the affected utilities, but he expected in this case that any voltage induced would be insignificant. When questioned about whether this conclusion was premature given that the induction studies were not complete, Mr. Arkerson stated that he was drawing on his past experience with numerous similar projects.  He also noted that the Project cannot be energized until compliance with the applicable standards has been demonstrated to the satisfaction of the ESA.  Unfortunately, for the residents affected by this project, Mr. Arkerson was merely a puppet, speaking the words of NexTerror, and his ‘expertise’ failed to prove that there was definitely NO reason for concern, with regards to stray voltage.

This is what’s really happening in our communities ……………..

Ontario Wind Resistance, Jan 21 2015

Dr Sarah Laurie, world expert on health and wind farms, speaks out

Provision of Expert Opinion concerning the Adverse Impacts of Wind Turbine Noise
(TruEnergy Renewable Developments v Goyder Regional Council, South Australia).

Dear Mr Abbott,

the pr jobI confirm that I have been provided with practice direction 5.4 relating to Expert Witnesses (Rule 160), and that I have read it and understood it.

I have been asked by you to provide a report to address the following question:

“Will noise or other direct or indirect consequences (and which consequences) of the operation of the Stony Gap wind farm erected as contemplated in the Application, and involving turbines of the type and dimensions referred to in the Application, in your opinion be likely to cause adverse health effects or significantly exacerbate existing adverse health effects to a significant percentage of the population living within up to 10 kilometers of the turbines from the Stony Gap Wind Farm?”

but the realityIn my opinion, it is inevitable that this proposed wind development, if built in this location with turbines of the specified size, will cause serious harm to the physical and mental health of a significant percentage of the surrounding population, including particularly to vulnerable groups such as young children, the elderly, and those with pre existing medical and psychiatric conditions, who live and work in the sound energy impact zone of this proposed Stony Gap Wind Farm (SGWF), out to a distance of at least 10 kilometers from the turbines, over the lifetime of the project. This harm will be caused directly by the audible and inaudible sound energy generated by the wind turbines, which will cause significant repetitive sleep disturbance, and physiological stress. The physiological mechanisms have been demonstrated in animals to be due to abnormal activation of the vestibular system and sympathetic nervous system by the effect of infrasound and low frequency noise (ILFN) on the inner ear. (1)

These are serious adverse health effects, which lead to a range of other symptoms and illnesses by interfering with the hypothalamic-pituitary axis (“master” control mechanism of the endocrine system), disturbance of the autonomic nervous system and compromise of immunological competence. (2)

This report is confined to the adverse health effects on human health from sound energy, reported by residents living near wind turbines as this is my specific area of knowledge and expertise. Other adverse health effects such as symptoms and illnesses resulting from exposure to shadow flicker have certainly been reported by residents at wind developments, but are not addressed in this report.

My opinion is informed by my direct knowledge of the reported health problems of residents living near existing Wind Turbine Developments, particularly in Australia and Ontario. My opinion is also informed by the known adverse health consequences resulting from exposure to environmental noise, and the known serious adverse health consequences of chronic sleep deprivation and chronic stress.

Sleep deprivation (3) and stress (4) related symptoms are the commonest health complaints reported by residents living near wind turbines, and in my opinion, they are individually and collectively responsible for the observed and reported deterioration in some residents’ health with cumulative exposure to operating wind turbines Continue reading Dr Sarah Laurie, world expert on health and wind farms, speaks out

Wind Industry Keeps Losing ‘Hearts and Minds’: Community Opposition Rolls & Builds


1397574371-dublin-thousands-gather-to-protest-against-pylons-and-wind-turbines_4479876 Irish Uprising: 10,000 hit Dublin last April.
And, surprise, surprise, they weren’t there backing wind power.

Remember all the guff about everyone just “loving” wind farms: you know, the spin trotted out by wind industry spruikers – like the Clean Energy Council – in Mickey Mouse “surveys” that claim 150% of your compatriots just can’t wait to spear thousands of giant fans into YOUR slice of heaven (not theirs, of course).

As we’ve pointed out before, though, the answer you get depends very much on the question you ask (see our post here).


And – funnily enough – it also depends on WHO you ask.

Sure enough, a gullible-green-voting-skinny-soy-latte-sipper from inner city Melbourne or Sydney is going to Tweet his support for wonderful ‘free’ wind power to Getup! – with exactly the same level of conscious ‘thought’ directed to the energy-end-game as when he’s madly re-Tweeting yet…

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Dufferin County pursues environment assessment of wind farm transmission line

It will only go as far as Dufferin Wind Power’s transmission line is long.

County politicians, however, plan to hire a land surveyor to measure the length of the wind farm developer’s transmission line and see if the findings could trigger an environmental assessment (EA).

As per provincial regulations, any transmission line in Ontario exceeding a length of 50 km automatically requires an EA be conducted.

According to Dufferin Wind spokesperson Connie Roberts, the line running from Melancthon to Amaranth is 47.25 km long, but county council wants to find out for itself.

“The easiest thing I think you can start with is getting a survey. See how long that line actually is,” local resident Karren Wallace told county council on Thursday (Jan. 8). “What would the cost of a survey be? I don’t know, but what is the cost of regret?” Continue reading Dufferin County pursues environment assessment of wind farm transmission line

Township considers sound expert to deal with turbine complaints

West Lincoln committee mulls having technician on retainer

After an exhausting search, township officials have turned up at least one way to protect residents from industrial wind turbines.

Staff was directed by the previous council to undertake a review of township bylaws, as well as those of other municipalities, to determine if any additional regulations can be put into place that would protect residents from wind turbines.

As far as the township’s existing bylaws go, there is little that can be done. But a look to Plympton-Wyoming may have turned up one way to protect residents from the nuisance noise associated with turbines.

The Municipality of Plympton-Wyoming, near Sarnia, Ont., has passed a bylaw that requires an expert in decibel reading to deal with noise complaints. Should a noise exceed the allowable limits of the municipality’s noise bylaw, a fine can be applied. The municipality’s CAO confirmed to township staff they have a sound engineer on retainer to address complaints under the bylaw, should any occur. Continue reading Township considers sound expert to deal with turbine complaints

ERT venue for Mothers Against Wind Turbines v. MOECC has changed

Dear Interested Persons,

It has come to the Tribunal’s attention that the West Lincoln Council Chambers will not be able to accommodate the expected number of attendants for this hearing. Alternatively, the Tribunal has been able to secure space at the

Wainfleet Firefighters Memorial Community Hall,

which is located at 31907 Park St., Wainfleet, Ontario

. The dates scheduled for both the motions day on January 21, and the main hearing days from Jan 26 to 30, 2015 will remain unchanged, as this new venue is available on all of these days.