Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc Continues Battle Against Wind Project

Tribunal Hearing Starts January 26th  at 10 a.m. at the Firefighter Memorial Hall, 31907 Park Street, Wainfleet (close to Township Offices). Please try to attend to show your support. 

The hearing is expected to last at least 5 days (MondayFriday).

HDI’s (Haudenosaunee Development Institute) request to become a party at the hearing has been denied by the Tribunal.

The current schedule of speakers for the first two days appears below.  Stay tuned for the line up for the following day

Monday January 26th 2015

Marianne Kidd

Lois Johnston

Loretta Shields

Jody Sadler

Kevin Dooley

Sue Atkins


Tuesday January 27th 2015  (evening session until 7:30pm)

Bill Palmer

Linda Rogers

Naomi Brusse

Debbie Hughes

Shellie Correia

Mike Jankowski

Mandy Smith

PLEASE NOTE hearing dates and locations are posted on the Tribunal’s website at


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