Message to the Troops!

Today is the day that many of you will be sitting in the witness seat, trying desperately to present the truth about the negative impact that the NRWC project will have on your rural community, the people in that rural community and the future of that rural community.

download (11)The process has been manipulated from the beginning.  Our democratic system is being destroyed from within and the removal of democratic rights for a politically motivated initiative should cause extreme alarm. Fifty nine democratically elected MPP’s removed democratic rights from all citizens of Ontario when they passed the Green Energy Act into law in 2009.

When you remove the power of the people and people’s rights can be ignored or trampled on then we are moving to a socialist state. This will allow those with the most money, access to the decision making and the wealth and resources of this province will be controlled by fewer and fewer people.

Some of the presentations have had large portions of the material removed  – not because the material was irrelevant BUT because it was the truth that will cause this project to come unglued. Corruption comes from power without accountability and today you will be surrounded by power without accountability. It is demoralizing to have democratic principles and rules of law twisted to facilitate a provincial initiative that will make a few corporations rich but impoverish the rest of the people. A government that engages in predatory corruption is gambling with its own political legitimacy and breeds insurrection.

You have done the homework and studied hard for this test. Do your best and know that I am with you in spirit as you put the truth on the table. Divine intervention is required and prayers are answered in mysterious ways.  

Sister Catherine

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