Wind Industry Keeps Losing ‘Hearts and Minds’: Community Opposition Rolls & Builds


1397574371-dublin-thousands-gather-to-protest-against-pylons-and-wind-turbines_4479876 Irish Uprising: 10,000 hit Dublin last April.
And, surprise, surprise, they weren’t there backing wind power.

Remember all the guff about everyone just “loving” wind farms: you know, the spin trotted out by wind industry spruikers – like the Clean Energy Council – in Mickey Mouse “surveys” that claim 150% of your compatriots just can’t wait to spear thousands of giant fans into YOUR slice of heaven (not theirs, of course).

As we’ve pointed out before, though, the answer you get depends very much on the question you ask (see our post here).


And – funnily enough – it also depends on WHO you ask.

Sure enough, a gullible-green-voting-skinny-soy-latte-sipper from inner city Melbourne or Sydney is going to Tweet his support for wonderful ‘free’ wind power to Getup! – with exactly the same level of conscious ‘thought’ directed to the energy-end-game as when he’s madly re-Tweeting yet…

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