World First: Ontario Council Includes Infrasound in Wind Farm Noise Law



The most common source of complaint from those unfortunates forced to live next to wind farms is the incessant low-frequency noise and infrasound generated by giant industrial wind turbines: turning a quiet night in into an occasion of acoustic torture (see our post here); and destroying many a good night’s sleep (see our post here).

But the low-frequency noise and massive air pressure fluctuations generated by giant fans have never been part of any noise standard or regulation for wind farms.

The noise standards – written by the wind industry – rely on the dB(A) weighting and, therefore, deliberately ignore the vast bulk of the sound energy produced by turbines – which pervades homes as infrasound and in frequencies that cause sleep deprivation and other adverse health effects (see our post here).

The idea of “testing” for the impacts from turbine noise and vibration without including…

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