Stray Voltage from Turbine Transmission Line light up Fluorescent Light Bulb.

The NRWC project : Wellandport

unnamed-1There are 44 kms of overhead transmission lines
There are 54 receptors that live along the transmission line.
There are 97 homes along the transmission corridor (from Walker Rd to the North substation)
At Walker road it will be underground to the NONI Q5G at Lincoln)
There will be 390 poles, placed on the opposite side of the road to the existing poles
 The photo below will be of interest to residents of West Lincoln, Wainfleet and Haldimand that will be living near the 115Kv transmission line that NRWC proposes to install along our rural county road allowances.

Light Bulb Moment brought by DWPI


light-bulb-Lyle-ClaytonMayor of Shelburne Ken Bennington (right,) with Grant Peterson of Melancthon (left,) lights up a 10 foot fluorescent light bulb in his hand with no other power source other than stray voltage from over head wind turbine transmission lines installed by Dufferin Wind Power Inc. alongside the County owned rail corridor on the southern border of Shelburne, December 9th. One of the hundreds of newly installed transmission poles, running through Dufferin County, and now undergoing an environmental tribunal hearing, can be seen behind them. A crowd, called by Green Party candidate Karren Wallace to the site Tuesday night, gathered to witness the disturbing revelation. Bystanders asked the Mayor questions about the process guiding the safety of the lines. The Mayor, who said he will be following up on the situation, called the citizen disclosure of the voltage risks “just one more disappointment from the Dufferin Wind Power corporation.”

Photos by Marni Walsh

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