To whom it may concern?

The following was posted on “Victims of Wind Turbines” Facebook Page.   No introduction required….

558654_197514193771547_812821236_nCannot believe this caused 2 State Troopers to show up in my yard today.

Sent this yesterday in an email to various State and State hopefuls yesterday. ……

To whom it may concern?
(A question mark due to the fact that I’m not sure anyone does)

Do I have to actually go over the edge before someone somewhere does something to help us?

Maybe if I were a habitual drug user our situation would get resolved, let’s pretend my problem is illegal drugs then will there be help for us?

I am deteriorating at alarming speed.
Feel like I could snap at any time.
Have to constantly hold myself in check.
Mentally I feel like I did before I started taking Prozac and trazadone.
Not a good head space to be in.
Get angry over nothing and react horribly.
Do not want to do anything but go back to bed. Have to force myself to do ANYTHING.
Through the entire day I feel like a useless lump.
My mind is constantly fuzzy, dizzy, confused.
A lot of time spent staring into space.

My son should be in pre school but I do not feel I should make the commitment to try and drive him everyday. For a whole week now I have not felt I should drive.

Maybe someone would care to volunteer to drive him too and from school for the few hours a day?
And then maybe explain to our children why their parents are so messed up and are angry all the time…. hell, explain it to me too.

I have no doubt long term damage is being done to our children, if not physically it is certainly is physiologically.

Someone please enlighten us to how being forced into this nightmare is ok on any level and why the powers that be in our state have not stepped forward with some kind of resolution?

Luann Therrien Sheffield Vermont

Many have left comments and words of encouragement.  Below is a comment left by Esther Wrightman, a well known Wind Warrior.

Esther Wrightman That was a heart wrenching e-mail. It obviously got their attention, and it should. In one of my last interaction with the police before I left Ontario, the cop (a good guy to us all these years) asked what I thought they should look out for when the ‘game changes’, when the turbines start operating. I suppose he was looking for me to say vandalism and stuff. I told him what the police have to do is educate themselves on wind turbine syndrome, because they will get calls from people who are unable to cope with turbines anymore, and they will have to understand why. If someone is in mental distress in Ontario basically their only choice is to call the police, or they will not get any immediate medical help… oh and they have to say that they are going to either harm themselves or someone else. So the police become the first responders. It’s really quite sad that that is the case. On top of this companies like Nextera have donated money to the loal mental health centres… so what are the chances these centres will be advocates for those affected in the area? It really is a mess, and your letter hits home – you said what many others are experiencing, and it frightens them too. Like Sue said, use the police to possibly help your situation. If there is harm being done (physical and/or mental), shouldn’t they be helping stop it… protect you? It’s worth a try, as long as they are begin polite and caring (and I know that isn’t always the case.)

Note the date on this video…16 2.5MW wind turbines in Sheffield that went online in November, 2011.

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