Day Two ERT: Fairfield vs MOE. My favorite quotes from today’s hearing.

B821406432Z.1_20131006220008_000_GOB1386DL.3_ContentEric Stoll:  (lawyer for IPC/HAF).
One thing we can all agree with is that this project was not handled the way we all would like.

Vic Schroter (Director MOE)
Explained that  his responsibility was  to look at the amended REA.
Asked about the lack of property line assessment with the first REA, he stated: They should have submitted the property line assessment.
Asked “Does anyone do site visits and how do you confirm accuracy?”  His simple answer was We TRUST the proponent to give correct information.

Asked why the MOE did not realize that the post construction study raptures was not included  in the approval.He said that in the original approval it was left out by mistake so it was included in the second (amended) approval.  (of course they neglected to mention to us that it had been overlooked, and that  they were making a correction – probably another “mistake”)

Ann Meinen:
My faith in MOE and Government has been destroyed when they do not have to follow regulations, or care abut my safety and my well being.  Regulations should apply to all, and no exceptions for big corporations.
Since the MOE did not inspect or monitor the construction of the turbines but this  amendment was allowed it seems the  MOE has a policy of “forgiveness” rather than “permission”.

Ann Fairfield
The proponent should be charged with an offense for contravention of the regulations and the HAF Wind Project turbines should be removed.

Eric Stoll asked Ann about the harm to raptors that she had referred to and she said that she had found a  dead raptor on road  which had probably catapulted there from a collision with turbine blades.  He said that if you found a raptor on the road, it did not necessarily get there from the turbine.  Ann said “I have NEVER seen a raptor killed by a car”.   (The poor raptor is probably still in Anns freezer waiting a final verdict on its demise- which, when it comes will in all probability be that Ann was right, Stoll was wrong)
the best statement of the day: Vic Schroter:


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