Day One ERT: Fairfield vs MOE.

After the reminder by the Vice Chair of the Tribunal, Heather Gibbs, that the Tribunal is able only to confirm, alter or revoke the approval and that it is the responsibility of the Appellant  to prove only serious harm to human health or irreversible harm to the environment, the ERT got under way.
B821406432Z.1_20131006220008_000_GOB1386DL.3_ContentDeb Murphy gave a very impressive opening statement, where she challenged the tribunal to what is right,  to reconsider the word “only”.   She said that if the tribunal rules only on the “serious harm” and “irreversible harm” then they are saying that regulations and rules do not exist.
Loretta Shields, the first presenter, gave a passionate presentation.  The Lawyers for the MOE and HAF tried time and time again  to trip her up, but she never wavered..  She had all her facts: knew them better than her opponents did.  She reminded them often that she was not an expert but even more often, she had to remind them that the studies had not been done, so rules were broken
Slota Zoretic was priceless as a witness. No one else would get away with the discussions that she brought up simply by her beautiful Croatian/Canadian accent . She did not hesitate to remind Mr. Stoll that she makes mistakes sometimes too, as we all do, but for him to say that the turbines placement was a “mistake” was stretching things.
The hearing resumes tomorrow morning at 10am at the Township office in West Lincoln.
Hope to see you there.
(F.Y.I.  This is my short version of the happenings today at the ERT.  This is not an official statement from WLGWAG .  N.D.) 

PS.  Bet you always wanted to know  what the HAF stands for in HAF wind energy.
        It stands for Horizontal Air Flow.   

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