Needless to say, there is too much at stake to quit our fight.

Hi everyone,

mother of all yard salesI hope that you are all having a nice summer. The mothers against wind turbines are holding a garage sale this coming Saturday. This is a fund raising event to raise money for legal costs in our continued opposition to the three wind turbine projects in the area. While many people may have given up hope in light of the recent provincial election results, we are still continuing to work on fighting these projects. There are just too many errors, omissions, inadequate reporting in the Renewable Energy reports that were submitted for these projects.

As you know from the media coverage, 4 of 5 turbines in the Caistor project were erected too close to the defined set back distances to neighbouring properties. The Ministry of Environment re-issued the approval, and we have another opportunity for appeal.

For the Niagara project, there are inaccuracies in the noise level predictions, inaccuracies in buildings deemed vacant (some of these are occupied!) and many instances where natural features (ie. bat maternity colonies) were not studied prior to the submission of the application. We don’t know what water testing has been done in our area nor where engineered reports have been completed for existing gas wells in the vicinity of these large industrial turbines. Needless to say, there is too much at stake to quit our fight.

CaptureIf anyone has any quality items that they are willing to donate to our sale, it would be greatly appreciated. The attached flyer provides for drop off locations, or you could drop off items on my front porch prior to Friday morning. We could use household items, gently used sports equipment, books, games, crafts, and electronic devices. If you would like to visit us on Saturday, the second flyer provides the particulars regarding the event in Grassie.

Any help that you could provide is greatly appreciated.


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