Family, 4 km away from IPC Turbines experiencing headaches.

editors note there are those who would suggest that 151599103_4b029d366bbecause the symptoms of Wind Turbine Syndrome are being brought to the attention of the public, that the public will be more prone to experience them.    

ucm_452104We are told how to watch for symptoms of Stroke, of Heart Attacks, of Diabetes etc.  Because the public is aware of what to look for DOES NOT mean that they will have a Heart Attack, Stroke or develop Diabetes.  The same stands true for Wind Turbine Syndrome.

Being aware of the symptoms of Wind Turbine Syndrome is the first step in recognizing them in yourself, your family, your children, your neighbours.  Not everyone is affected, but those that are can not be ignored and may require medical assistance.  Thank you. 


Please note the following information.

It is also important that you share this information with your neighbours who could be affected by the turbines but have no idea that its the turbines that are causing the anxiety, or discomfort,headaches, chest pains etc.

Even if you are not yet living in a “Industrial wind farm”, be prepared.


The 5 IPC turbines are spinning and “the sky did not fall down”.  

Many residents seem rather complacent about them because they have not effected their lives drastically and they are content to live the turbines . However, many of those people are experiencing the effects of the turbines already even though they do not realize it things like pressure on the chest, head aches and a poor nights sleep are easily confused with normal situations.

Situations with livestock and wildlife, will not show up right away either.

We ask that you speak with your neighbours and friends and inform them of these complications from the turbines and ask them to report them immediately.

We are sending the contact numbers for complaints to you again. Keep them handy and should you experience anything, including the noise from the turbines, call the numbers given.

This is not only for families living very close to the turbines  we have already received notice of a family 4 kms from the site where family members are experiencing headaches and annoyance from noise.

An information sheet with the numbers for reporting complaints for Vineland Power and NRWC is attached to this email . Please keep these numbers handy and use them if and when you find a need to use them.

We hope that the contact numbers for NRWC will not be necessary for  some time yet. But the NRWC project can be approved any day and construction can begin immediately after approval. Contact the company with any and all problems that you notice with the construction of the project, and also report all complaints to the township as well, whether that be Wainfleet, or West Lincoln or Haldimand.

Document all the calls you make and keep records of not only the calls but also the response that you receive.


Reporting Concerns and Complaints about Wind Projects in Niagara:


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