Be thankful for the blessings of home, family and community.

Dear Neighbours and friends.

images (3)Take a good look around your home, your yard, your community and be thankful for the blessings of home, family and community. Take pictures of your family enjoying the property; take photographs and videos of the trees, wildlife, wetlands and woodlands. Take notes, write poems if that is your thing, but, take the time to enjoy and appreciate your surroundings and to realize what a wonderful, beautiful, quiet and peaceful place you live in, because it is about to change.

Any day now, the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) may approveimages (5) the NRWC project for West Lincoln and Wainfleet and Haldimand and we will see turbines as far as the eye can see. Our community will be industial, noisy and dangerous with huge transmission poles and miles of transmission lines and connector lines zigzagging through our townships. The skyline will be littered with huge 3 mw turbines over 600 feet to the tip. These industrial machines will be 4 times higher than the water tower in Smithville and you will always see them, especially at night when the mandatory lights are blinking on top of these monstrosities.

images (4)Get involved, get informed and get busy.  Its time to have your baseline health tests, hearing test, property value assessment and noise testing done so that if you are negatively effected by the Industrial Wind Turbines you will have a chance of compensation. If you do nothave these baseline tests done, you will never be able to prove that you are negatively affected by the turbines.

Have a pleasant summer 2014.   If NRWC and the MOE have their imageway things will NEVER be the same for us again.

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