Beginners Guide to Commonly Used Wind Industry Acronyms and Words

It can get confusing trying to remember what stands for what.  Thanks to Wind Victims Ontario for starting up this list.  We are sure it will continue to grow.  

We added the ones in RED to their list, and  added acronyms specific to our projects in West Lincoln/Niagara as well.

  • images (2)Audible – Something that can be heard by the general public
  • AMO – Association of Municipalities of Ontario
  • AWEA – American Wind Energy Association – wind energy lobby group
  • CanWEA – Canadian Wind Energy Association – wind energy lobby group
  • CAPE – Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment – (In favour of “properly sited” wind installations….yet in support of CMOH Dr. Arlene King and the 550 metre setback.)
  • CMOH – Chief Medical Officer of Health (provincial)
  • CofA – Certificate of Approval
  • dB A – audible noise
  • Developer –a wind energy company seeking to erect wind turbines
  • EA – Environmental Assessment (an elevated more detailed level of an ESR or REA when valid concerns require one…routinely denied in this industry.)
  • EBR – Environmental Bill of Rights
  • EBR registry – a government system to collect public input on proposed policy and legislation
  • ENE – Ministry of Energy
  • EPA – Environmental Protection Agency
  • EPAW – European Platform Against Wind – A group in Europe consisting of hundreds of organizations from many countries fighting for appropriate guidelines in wind installations.
  • ERR – Environmental Review Report
  • ERT:  Environmental Review Tribunal
  • ESR – Environmental Screening Report (required proponent driven report prior to the Green Energy Act legislation being adopted in 2009)
  • FIT Program – Feed-in-Tariff Program
  • FOI:  Freedom of Information
  • GEA – Green Energy Act – (legislation put in place by the current provincial government to fast track renewable energy installations by removing perceived roadblocks including human adverse health issues and environmental concerns.)
  • GHG – Green House Gas
  • IESO – Independent Electricity System Operator
  • Inaudible – Cannot be heard by the general public
  • ILFN – Infrasound – Low Frequency Noise
  • JR: Judicial Review
  • LFN – Low frequency noise – mostly, but not always, inaudible sound that can sometimes be felt.
  • MAWT – Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc
  • MOE – Ministry of the Environment
  • MEI – Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure
  • MNR – Ministry of Natural Resources
  • Mitigation – measures taken to resolve a problem.
  • MOH- Medical Officer of Health (local)
  • MP – Member of Parliament – federal level
  • MPP – Member of Provincial Parliament – (the province regulates the wind industry)
  • NHMRC – National Health and Medical Research Council (Australia)
  • NIMBY – (Not In My Back Yard) Term given to some opponents (Next It Might Be You) 
  • NRCAN – Natural Resources Canada (federal)
  • NRWC – Niagara Region Wind Corporation
  • OAHPP – Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion
  • OEB – Ontario Energy Board
  • OFA – Ontario Federation of Agriculture
  • OPG – Ontario Power Generation
  • OPA – Ontario Power Authority
  • OSEA – Ontario Sustainable Energy Association – a collection of developers and proponents of wind energy
  • OWR – Ontario Wind Resistance – A wind energy information website
  • Opponents (wind) – not in support of wind energy.
  • Proponents (wind) – in support of wind energy.
  • REA – Renewable Energy Approval (required proponent driven report after the Green Energy Act legislation was adopted in 2009)
  • RESOP – Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program
  • Receptor – usually refers to a house situated within a wind installation.
  • RFP – Request for Proposal
  • Setback – term used for how far away an object (turbine) is placed from a home. Calculated using the center point of a home to the turbine not from the property line to turbine
  • S-T-O-P – Smithville Turbine Opposition Party
  • SWV – The Society for Wind Vigilance. (International federation of health and other professionals advocating for authoritative guidelines in wind installations to protect health)
  • VOW – Victims of Wind (a support group of people suffering adverse effects of wind installations.)
  • WEN  – Wind Energy Niagara  (Niagara Regions energy project -) 
  • WLGWAG – West Lincoln Glanbrook Wind Action Group
  • WCO – Wind Concerns Ontario – a wind energy information website
  • WHO – World Health Organization
  • WindVOiCe – Wind Vigilance for Ontario Communities – A valid community based health survey to gather data on adverse health effects. (Can be viewed at
  • WTG – wind turbine generator
  • WTS – Wind Turbine Syndrome – A name coined by Dr. Nina Pierpont in her research to describe a group of adverse health symptoms associated with industrial wind turbine
  • WWE  Wainfleet Wind energy (project in Wainfleet/Rankin)


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