A Tribute to Mothers

“Tell Us About Your Mother”

Request for written tributes, poems, art, photos, videos to mothers.


Please submit to:       mothersagainstwindturbines@gmail.com

This is not a contest.  No prizes will be awarded.   This is a simple opportunity to tell us about your mother, being a mother, becoming a mother, missing your mother, your family and sharing that story.

In the rush of the day a simple request is being made to stop and a take a moment for celebration and reflection.  Soon it will be Mother’s day and the push will be on to demonstrate and honour her with a showering of flowers, cards and gifts.  Trinkets and treasures to show appreciation for the person who helped make you the person you are today.

Our life experiences and realities come in many different versions and are as varied and unique as each one of us.  The relationship with your mother may be sweet or even bitter, but shaped all of us into the person we are today.  You are held by the hands of your mother all through the many stages of your life.   Whether that person gave birth to you or not, or life circumstances created your family beyond the stereotypical image of the nuclear family, your Mother plays a pivotal role.  A time also comes for many woman when you become a mother and your primary focus is now that life you hold in your hands as another generation grows and matures.

Protecting children and family is a universal desire that binds all communities.  This group came together to protect our families, and our children born and yet to be.  The mothers have always been the protectors of families and the land which we need to survive, and where we live our lives.   We are real and the voices are strong.

Please write us telling us about your family and the person who helped make you and your family, and is your Mother.

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