Enercon done major contract in Canada and brings out new , high-wind turbines. 


April 11, 2014

Aurich – The wind turbine manufacturer Enercon has built on a major project in Canada within 30 months of 126 wind turbine generators (WTG ) . The manufacturer also based in Aurich, wants to expand its range of wind turbines for strong-wind locations .

Both the system of type E – 82 and E -101 of the type it should in future be in an additional version with wind class – I- interpretation according to the manufacturer . The E-82 for strong-wind sites is at 2.35 megawatts ( MW) offered nominal power. The corresponding E -101 with 3.05 MW plant is about the same power rating as the wind have Class II turbine of this platform.

New turbines with different tower , foundation and grid connection variants
The message for the expansion of the turbine Enercon has to offer Hannover Messe issued , which ends on Friday . Enercon explained now to optimize the basic machine types E -82 and E -101 for the construction of wind Class I locations. Both series Enercon guarantees in connection with relevant agreements in relation to the so-called Enercon Partner concept technical availability of 97 percent. In addition to various towers and foundations variants both strong wind series will be available with four different power supply configurations for the different target markets.

” Enercon reacts with the new high-wind versions to customer needs in international target markets . We want to offer our customers for their wind energy projects always the optimal Enercon technology, “said Enercon sales manager Stefan Luetkemeyer . The strong winds versions of the E- 82 and E -101 are primarily intended for export markets and are expected to be available in early 2015 and in early 2016 series .

Logistical challenges of large projects in Quebec
In the Canadian province of Quebec Enercon has built in just 30 months for customers Boralex and Gaz Métro total of 126 wind turbines and put into operation. The wind farm Beaupré am so far the world’s largest built by Enercon wind farms. The installed capacity is 272 MW. Machines from the E -70 and E-82 with 64 , 85 and 98 meter hub height have been installed there. A further 38 machines (91 MW) will soon follow in another two phases. The site of the first phases of construction includes about 100 square kilometers. Around 150 kilometers of roads were built for the project, also moved massive amounts earth , blasted rock and built numerous bridges .

Up to 36 large cranes were from 2012, while construction of the tower and installing the system, simultaneously cutting and added a further auxiliary cranes that were ready to unload the heavy transports . This heavy transports were carried out with special heavy-duty trucks, the so-called “Army Trucks” . Elizabeth Fennell, General Project Manager at Beaupré Project declared proudly: ” implement Deliveries within the schedule , led many successes – with on-time project delivery as the crowning glory . ”


FOR ORIGINAL ARTICLE, PLEASE CLICK HERE: http://www.iwr.de/windenergie/wind-news.php?id=26054

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