Country Harvest Dinner – MAWT

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MAWT was out in full force once again at the Silverdale Community Hall in St. Anne  on November 27th 2013..  The  Mothers Against Wind Turbines are a group of strong, determined and dedicated women.  Who with their family members will not stop the fight to preserve their communities against the relentless onslaught of wind projects being forced unto them.  The depth of talents and skills ranged from the cooking in the kitchen, dessert table submissions, and a large variety of crafts donated for the raffle table.  Smiles and laughter rang out throughout  but the purpose for the gathering was ever present. The year is drawing to a close and Christmas is just around the corner.  The true strength of this group is being agents of change.  The talk in the kitchen and the hall was  positive and focused on what can be done and what is being done next in the wind battles.  Today is the start of that change, and tomorrow will be the memories of yesterday.  Hope you can join us and see you next time.


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