The Real story on turbines from Ridgetown


Ontario Wind Resistance

turbine-and-truthManitoulin Expositor
While vacationing on the Island a few weeks ago, I read with interest the editorial of July 31, 2013 about the building of additional industrial wind turbines on Manitoulin.

If I were to choose one word to describe the content of this editorial, it would be the adjective sophomoric, to be understood in its plain meaning of shallow, immature, and juvenile. I say this because I live in a community in which a compliant municipal council welcomed the hucksters of green energy, which led to the building of more than 150 wind turbines with more to come, in an area much smaller than Manitoulin, known as the Municipality of Chatham-Kent. The result has been that property values here have fallen, there has been an increase in reports of people suffering mental and physical difficulties and sadly the building of the turbines has caused a sense of enmity amongst…

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