The great wind power fraud: a tale from two continents

Smarten up everybody….JUST SAY NO!!!


The Americans are watching Europe’s wind power debacle in horror – a little like a bunny in the headlights – the glare catches its gaze and it’s just not quite sure what to do next.

But – maybe, just maybe – they’ll hop to safety before they get overrun by the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all time.

Here’s one smart bunny warning his compatriots that it might be time to move.

Europeans learning the hard truth about wind and solar energy
Larry Bell
13 August 2013

Germany, Denmark pay 3 times current U.S. rates for energy — and our leaders want us to pay that much as well.

Although blades on the 150-foot wind turbines at the new German offshore Riffgat power plant 9 miles off the North Sea island of Bokum are finally turning, there is one big problem.  They are doing so only because they…

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