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Germany plans to curb energy transition

Climate protection groups are criticizing the German government’s plans to slow down renewable energy development. In spite of a recently decided coalition agreement, the debate about the right pace will continue.

Author Gero Rueter / nh  November 30, 2013
…Göppel is angry that the party leadership deleted paragraphs from the coalition draft which the energy working group had deemed vital in their negotiations. If the coalition agreement is implemented as it currently stands, said Göppel, Germany risks losing its energy leadership role.
Ulrich Kelber, deputy chairman of the SPD’s parliamentary group, confirmed that many passages were deleted in the final phase of the coalition negotiations. He blamed chancellor Merkel personally. “Unfortunately, slowing down development of renewable energies was the political scalpel Merkel wanted to have,” Kelber told Deutsche Welle. He added that he didn’t expect such intervention on Merkel’s part, and also that he was surprised to see her wanting to change her own policy.