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Finally the truth about health impacts from industrial wind turbines are being exposed!

Finally the truth about health impacts from industrial wind turbines are being exposed!

DUKE ENERGY’s Shirley Wind Turbines Declared a “HUMAN HEALTH HAZARD”

It seems the neighbors who are too close may not be crazy or making things up after all. Finally a governing body with the courage to acknowledge what the neighbors have been saying all along. We are suffering in various ways from Hoosac Wind, along with EVERY community in Massachusetts, indeed the World that has IWT’s located too close to neighbors. It’s been almost 2 years, or about 725 days have passed from when Hoosac Wind fired up and we are still missing freedom to enjoy our properties and quality as life before Hoosac Wind.

Here in Massachusetts most of the studies so far have been sound monitoring that has been a farce at best (including inappropriately placed monitoring equipment). With limited monitoring IWT’s have been found to be substantially out compliance at Hoosac Wind, yet the neighbors are still suffering. The responses so far from you you have been few and far between. Don’t you care, or please explain why we haven’t heard from you very much? You may be busy or maybe it’s not your responsibility, yet this is important to the neighbors. I feel it’s hopeless that any of you have sympathy enough to reach out personally, or maybe you don’t believe us or believe we should have sympathy? I’ve been informed by MassDEP personnel, some are fearful of loosing their jobs if not careful. I’m sorry, but the neighbors lost far more, and through no fault of our own. Sooner or later the facts will be known by more than just the neighbors, and I hope we will ALL be able to sleep. How are you all sleeping?

According experts advising us, the proposal to serrate the edges of the turbine blades will still have the neighbors of Crum Hill being pummeled by NOISE and infra sound.That modification typically only lowers sound levels by 1-2 dBa. Additionally, will not lower noise levels by the 7 dBa that Hoosac Wind was documented above state regulation, and maybe propaganda to make it seem that Iberdrola is concerned about the neighbors. We are informed the only realistic way for the Hoosac Wind to comply would be to curtail operations when the project is too loud and that continuous monitoring is necessary. The neighbors don’t have official evidence as yet, but we are aware of that even higher sound levels are bombarding our neighborhoods from the project. Seemingly the neighbors of Bakke Mountain side of the project are hopeless as MassDEP informed us there is no evidence Hoosac Wind is out of compliance and no plans to monitor. How will facts be known if no measurement is taking place? Iberdrola is receiving millions of taxpayers subsidies for this project yet and we are left to pick up the broken pieces on our own. Health and quality of life are some of the things taken from the neighbors because of Hoosac Wind.

For your reference a list of impacts the neighbors are experiencing. Sleep loss is the most common complaint from the neighbors resulting in various symptoms, and it’s well known to negatively affect health. Other symptoms reported, anxiety and feelings of stress, headaches, sinus issues, tinnitus, ear aches, numbness, irritability, palpitations of the heart, increase in blood pressure, fatigue, and lapse of memory. This list is in no particular order and by no means complete. Additional complaints from the neighbors, property value loss, wells not providing same quantities of water before blasting of the ridges, silting and addition of mineral materials in wells, and stream flows disrupted on properties. Many of us no longer enjoy being outside our homes when the turbines are noisy or in them for that matter. Indeed it’s beautiful in this area and not being able to enjoy our yards has no value limits. We just want to enjoy what’s legally our right, to pursue happiness in our homes and properties and not be subjected to human health hazards and other impacts from the nearby wind turbines at Hoosac Wind.

Sincerely Larry Lorusso
Clarksburg MA

PS I’m not the only one!

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