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Mother Speaks Out: ‘My house actually vibrates from wind turbine’

December 16, 2013 – Donegal News – Scotland


A mother of two teenage children who lives only 500 metres from a wind turbine at the Corkermore site where a rotor blade broke of in last week’s storm, has for the first time spoken publicly about wind farms.

On reading the comments in the Donegal News last Friday from Cllr John Boyle that their was ‘no danger’ from the sheared blade, Ms Carol Duddy contacted this paper.
She got planning permission for her home six years ago in the Corkermore area when there was no mention of erecting wind turbines.

“Cllr Boyle said the turbines were no problem for the neighbours – he wasn’t speaking for me and I live closest to one. I am not happy with the noise and the flicker effect and I am particularly concerned that a blade could brake off. What would have happened if it had hit someone or my house?

“We have seen a turbine collapse and if one of these did it would not be far from my back door,” Ms Duddy said.

She contacted Donegal County Council after the blade broke off last week and was told it had nothing to do with them.
“I am very annoyed and they are looking to erect another four of these turbines – my house actually vibrates.

“Up until now I have said nothing as I just wanted to keep the peace but now I want to know who is answerable if something happens. I rang the windfarm operators and the Health and Safety Authority and no one has come back to me,” Ms Duddy concluded.

Read Original Article Here: http://donegalnews.com/2013/12/my-house-actually-vibrates-from-wind-turbine/

The original story of the blade breaking: http://donegalnews.com/2013/12/wind-turbine-blade-breaks-off-near-killybegs/

Wynne, We Have Spoken and are NOT Willing Hosts!! 402 Protest Rally!

As far as the eye could see…..over 30 kilometres of Tractors, Vans, Cars, Trailers and Pickups shutdown highway 402 delivering a message to Kathleen Wynne and her Turbines! It was raining and chilly….but that didn’t stop the Protestors who decked out their cars with messages including “Children Suffering” and “Ontario is a Dictatorship”.

People united from as far as the Niagara Region to Kindardine in a show of solidarity in the fight against this corrupt liberal government. Police were out in full force to ensure the protestors stayed in line. The procession took off right at 10am as planned and shut the highway down for over 3 hours! The Mothers Against Wind Turbines attended the rally in convoy, with Eagles, Bats and Turbines all decorating the vehicles.


At the end of the line, speakers came out and talked in the rain to the crowd of anti-wind warriors. Speakers included Esther Wrightman, MPP Lisa Thompson, MPP Lisa McLeod and Local Mayors; all of which focused on the truths of democracy, soaring energy poverty and human rights issues in Ontario. The only Liberal in attendance was some “lackey” who was of no significant importance. Talks concluded with a rendition of “Blowing in the wind” which the crowd all sang together.

Will Wynne listen, or will our message blow with the wind? Only time will tell….