Communities opposed to wind form network


Ontario Wind Resistance

In-Unity-Is-StrengthUNWILLING HOSTS: Group plans to lobby province for better rules

By Chip Martin, London Free Press         With 64 municipalities and growing, Ontario’s Unwilling Host movement, opposed to industrial wind turbines, took its first step this week toward organizing into a coalition.

During the annual meeting of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario in Ottawa, about 60 delegates agreed to create a network to swap information, said organizer Kevin Marriott, mayor of Enniskillen, in Lambton County.

“There is a real willingness from everybody to form some group to go forward,” Marriott said.  “It’s going to be a step-by-step process,” he said.  Logistical problems exist in gathering municipal representatives from across the province on an ongoing basis, he conceded, so some options will be considered.

The movement is in response to a promise from Premier Kathleen Wynne that, from now on, wind turbines will be located in municipalities…

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The Greentard Politician – from another Planet?

The unavoidable demise of the renewables scam….


We’ve had cause to comment on numerous political Muppets, like the rotten, mean and nasty Milne:

milne 200

We’ve also had a crack at Labor’s Laura Smyth:


And SA Federal Greens Senator, Sarah Hanson-Young:

Sadly – Laura and Sarah probably won’t be troubling us after 7 September. Oh dear, what a pity, never mind.

Victorian Green, Greg Barber and South Australian Green, Mark Parnell have also drawn a little STT fire.

parnell grover

Here’s a neat little wrap up by Pointman on where these Martians came from and where they will all end up.

Know your enemy: the “green” politician.
13 August 2013

Any time you make an assessment of a situation or a group of people, you have to be aware that it will have a certain shelf life.  Things change, situations evolve and new factors appear as time moves on.  Of all the groups I’ve looked at in…

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Wind turbines are everywhere out here | San Diego Reader

They’re over 300 feet high. They kill birds. They’re linked to cancer.

Donna Tisdale’s home office looks like something out of an episode of the TV show Hoarders. Paperwork spills off a crowded desk. Boxes are strewn on the floor. Every inch of space is consumed with reports, educational mailers, studies, and oversized maps of green-energy projects slated for the community of Boulevard.

“Unfortunately, this is my full-time job right now,” she says. “It’s a whirlwind. Sometimes I stay up all night. Basically, it’s a shit storm, and it’s coming from all angles: our federal government, our state government, and our local government. They all want these green-energy projects.”

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Coalition of ‘Unwilling Host’ municipalities meets at AMO

Ontario Wind Resistance

Countylive.caunwilling-hosts-AMO-meetingRepresentatives from the 63 municipalities that have declared themselves ‘unwilling hosts’ to wind turbines met Tuesday during the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) conference under way in Ottawa.

Prince Edward County councillor Robert Quaiff is a member of the Wainfleet Working Group that sent the invitations to discuss ways to bring their concerns more forcefully to the government. He was also representing Prince Edward County, which declared itself an “unwilling host”.

“The issues were discussed for two hours on how to move forward,” said Quaiff. “The conclusion was that the most recent announcements by the Ministry of the Environment do not address the concerns at a local level. Encouragement of the Working Group will be supported and continued.”

Kevin Marriott, Mayor of Enniskillen, agreed the government has not addressed concerns of these communities. Read article

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Wind Power Costs Catch Canadians Napping



Like the frog in the pan of slowly warming water – Canadians have been caught napping.

But it seems they’ve just cottoned on to the fact that wind power is State Sponsored Theft – pure and simple.

Here’s First Monday’s take on the Canadian Wake Up Call.

Hundreds turn out in fight against wind turbines
First Monday
Chris Cook
9 August 2013

Energy costs have doubled and will double again in the next five years.

That’s the prediction of Parker Gallant, vice president of Wind Concerns Ontario.  Gallant, a former banker and noted writer and speaker on the subject of renewable energy told several hundred people at the Imperial Theatre in Sarnia “the province is screwing around with something it knows little about”.

Three anti wind turbine groups sponsored the town hall meeting: We’re Against Industrial Turbines – Plympton – Wyoming, Conservation of Rural Enniskillen and Middlesex Lambton Wind Action…

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Ottawa region opponents demand province give power to municipalities

The useless turbines need to be stopped NOW!!!

Ontario Wind Resistance

not-a-willing-hostBy Teresa Smith, Ottawa Citizen

OTTAWA — A coalition of 62 communities in Ontario have declared themselves “unwilling hosts” to provincially approved windmills and they’re demanding that Premier Kathleen Wynne’s government allow municipal governments to choose whether and where to put industrial wind projects.

A group of residents in North Gower, a region of Ottawa that the province pegged for a large-scale wind-power project, is supportive of the coalition’s demands, but Ottawa is not officially a member of the unwilling hosts coalition.

Progressive Conservative Party leader Tim Hudak told 1,600 delegates gathered at the annual Association of Municipalities of Ontario conference this week that, if elected, he would “scrap the Green Energy Act” entirely. If communities don’t want windmills, the municipality should not be “forced” to house “industrial wind turbines,” Hudak said. Read article

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Different provinces but same wind war

Every place the turbines go….corruption follows!

CCSAGE Naturally Green

[Here’s a letter to the Editor written by Milford resident Jim McPherson and published in the National Post online edition in a shortened version, August 20, 2013.]

Citizens in Pugwash, N.S. are valiantly fighting the same battle that is turning rural Ontario communities into war zones.  Our common enemies are provincial governments, blinded by unrealistic green energy promises of the wind industry.  It is past time to take this fight to the courts, where the Supreme Court of Canada can eventually be called upon to restore democracy and protect rural Canadians from violations of our common law rights to quiet enjoyment of our properties.  Our Charter-assured Rights and Freedoms are being legislated away by provinces, while municipal and federal governments are powerless to intervene.

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Wang Wang and Funi to the rescue

Wind energy simply does not make sense.


South Australians have – since 1 July this year – been paying the highest power prices in the world.

And it seems that SA’s power-price-punishment has troubled a crowd called “WWF” – here’s a link to their site.


This group – not renowned for knowledge of Australia’s energy market – is apparently headed up by pandas.  Greg Bourne used to be one of WWF’s head pandas but he’s now the Chair of the ARENA Fund instead – which wind weasels have been treating as a personal piggy bank for some time now – it can be fairly called a “wind industry slush fund”.  What’s that you say about looking after your own panda den?

WWF’s head pandas have just called in aid a couple of their operatives – beloved Adelaide locals, Wang Wang and Funi to work out why South Australian power prices have hit the roof.

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Ontario’s power policies an example of what not to do

The Liberals handcuffed us to allow the wind industry to rob us blind….after all, they do get a huge cut of the spoils!

Ontario Wind Resistance

20130707-102307-gGwyn Morgan,  The Globe and Mail

The political firestorm raging in Ontario about the cost of cancelling two natural-gas-fired power plants reminds me of a conversation I had with then-premier Dalton McGuinty in 2005. At the time, I was head of Encana Corp. and we were co-chairing a Public Policy Forum event. As we chatted privately before the dinner, he said: “As a gas producer, you must be happy we’re going to close our coal-fired power plants.” I replied: “Well, it’s not a big deal in the context of our North American gas markets, but you’d better make sure those gas power plants are built before you shut the coal plants.”

Eight years later, Ontario power consumers are stuck paying $585-million for two gas-fired plants that were never built. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Mr. McGuinty’s decision to shutter the coal-fired plants was followed in 2010 by…

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Up in Smoke

Running wind turbines on diesel….how ironic. Never was about anything but the CASH!!!


So much for wind power “saving the planet” – fossil fuel suppliers are watching their diesel sales soar as it becomes the fuel of choice for the back-up generation needed when wind-watts go missing – an inconvenient fact covered in Bobby thumbed a “Diesel” down ….

You could say green dreams are going “Up in Smoke”.

But it’s another kind of wind power fiasco that’s creating more opportunities for diesel suppliers – this time – in the North Sea.

Windpark To Nowhere … 22,000 Litres Of Diesel Fuel Burned Every Month To Keep Windpark From Rusting Away!
P Gosselin
13 August 2013

Germany has ambitious plans of erecting huge offshore wind parks in the North and Baltic Seas with the hope of generating lots of natural, climate-friendly energy.  The Riffgat offshore wind park, comprising 30 monster turbines located some 15 kilometers from the North Sea island of Borkum, is…

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Protecting our children from Industrial Wind Power Emissions is our first priority!

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