This is the End – my only friend, the End

A dream come true for the Aussies!!! Get rid of the bird choppers, and put back hydro. There…problem solved!



As Mr Mojo Risin just said: “This is the End”.

In Australia – this is the end of the greatest economic and environmental fraud ever committed on a Nation.

After a decade of lording it over ordinary Australians – you know, the ones who can no longer pay their crippling power bills; the ones who suffer night after merciless night from turbine generated low frequency noise and infrasound; and the 40 or so families who have abandoned homes which are no longer habitable for the same reason – the eco-fascist and greentard journos and bloggers have just been given an “ALMIGHTY BITCH SLAP”.

The Coalition’s brilliant victory on Saturday must have caught them napping.  It’s as if they couldn’t or just wouldn’t see it coming.

The “grown-ups” are well and truly back in charge and have made no secret that the great “green” scam is over.

The Senate make…

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