DWP ERT Hearings – Week 3, Sep. 3 and 4, 2013

An Update on the ERT (Melancthon) for this week – Dr Robert McMurtry to testify.

Wind Resistance of Melancthon


Re: cases 13-069 to 13-075

Appellants V the Minister of the Environment


Witnesses that Testified:

R. McMurtry  – Tues. Sep. 3 & Wed. Sep. 4

Hearing is over for this week.

Coming up next week, Tues. Sep. 9, 2013 – Video conference with Dr Laurie from Australia (session to be heard in Toronto)
Teleconference information will be posted when available.

The hearing location for the balance of the week will also be posted when confirmed.

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Renewables Scam

A very good article exposing the facts around Wind Power’s economic failure in addition to outlining how it isn’t green!

Power For USA

There is virtually no debate that electricity generated by wind and solar is more expensive than that generated by natural gas and coal1.

And this is before other costs are included. Costs, such as, backup power for when the wind doesn’t blow, and the cost of dedicated transmission lines to bring electricity from remote areas to where it can be used, and the cost of storage.

Even regulators in California recognize the inadequacy of wind and solar, and that California’s objective of having 33% of its electricity generated by renewables can’t be achieved without storage.

What’s even more troubling is that storing large quantities of electricity is essentially a pipe dream, unless billions of dollars are spent on storage projects.

Here is a listing of different types of storage, many of which use electricity generated when it’s not needed to store energy in a different form.

  • Pumped storage…

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Wind turbine blade debris sparks school safety campaign concerns

September 3, 2013 – The  Herald, Scotland – David Ross

CAMPAIGNERS are circulating photographs of a wind turbine losing a blade near a main road in the Highlands, and calling for a council to shut down those situated near schools .

Last year, Highland Council turned off turbines at 16 schools amid concerns they may be sited dangerously close to pupils.

But after a comprehensive risk assessment was completed, 13 were turned back on with the remaining three deemed inefficient.

Since then, none have operated in wind speeds over 100mph, even though they are considered safe at 134mph, according to the council.

But on Friday evening, during what is being described as a “not very remarkable gust of wind of around 40mph” a privately owned 25.9 metre wind turbine on Scrabster Hill, near Thurso, was badly damaged

According to local reports the turbine is about 235 yards off the A836, which runs westward from Thurso.

An observer noted that one piece of debris from the blades was thrown “70 paces, say 60 yards” from the turbine.

Lyndsey Ward, a campaigner against wind farms in the Highlands, said: “This is yet another lesson to be learnt from, but experience suggests that it will not be put to good use.”

She added Highland ­Council steadfastly refused to acknowledge any risk from siting small wind turbines in school playgrounds and considered that only at more than twice the wind speed which destroyed the Scrabster Hill turbine was there any need to consider action to close them down.

A Highland Council spokesman said it was concerned to learn of the damage, but was satisfied with the risk assessments it had in place. Read original article  here: http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/home-news/wind-turbine-blade-debris-sparks-school-safety-campaign-concerns.22035330

Ontario’s Energy Sector has been “hijacked for profit” by “very insidious players”?

We need a public inquiry into this scam, and the sooner, the better!

The Big Green Lie

When placed under public scrutiny and when research by honest people dig deep inside what has become a “complete disaster”, our own Electrical Sector, a very disturbing picture starts to develop.

The Green Energy sector in Ontario will make the Gas Plant Scandal look like “child’s play” when and if there is ever a “public accounting of the mismanagement and virtual destruction of our electrical supply”.

Here are some very serious revelations as to who is actually pilfering massive amounts of money out of Ontario electrical consumers pockets!

Behind the Green Door, or, a union and the Ontario government–strange bedfellows?

The Ottawa Citizen recently reported on the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) meetings in Ottawa August 18-23 and in particular the fact that 62 municipalities had declared themselves “unwilling hosts” to industrial wind turbines.
   Those 62 communities (now 65) were simply taking Premier Wynne at her word based…

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Lorry carrying €1.5m wind turbine crashes in Donegal

The incident happened in the remote townland of Loughnagurragh, between the villages of Ardara and Glenties.


A RECOVERY operation is underway after a lorry carrying €1.5m wind turbine left a rural road in Co Donegal today.

The 64-metre long turbine was being taken to a controversial wind farm at Loughderryduff to replace one which snapped and fell there in March.

The collapse of the turbine six months ago is still being investigated by the company which owns the site North West Wind Limited and the Danish makers of the turbines Vestas.

The turbines are supposed to have a lifespan of 25 years but the one which fell over during moderate weather had only been in place for just over four years.

Gardai say the road between Maas and Ardara is currently closed whilst cranes attempt to remove the lorry and its load from the field.

No-one from the wind farm company was available for comment.  See Original Article Here:http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/lorry-carrying-15m-wind-turbine-crashes-in-donegal-29548073.html

Protesters want turbine in Port Elgin shut down

Great day in Port Elgin.

Ontario Wind Resistance

stop the wind turbinesOwen Sound Sun Times
There weren’t enough wind turbine protesters Monday to set a new Guinness World Record, but event organizer Greg Schmalz said that wasn’t really the point anyway. “The intent was to bring publicity to the issue,” he said in an interview as the event was wrapping up at Gobles Grove Beach in Port Elgin.

Members of the Saugeen Turbine Operation Policy (STOP) had advertised the two-hour protest against the Canadian Auto Workers’ Union wind turbine as an attempt to break a Guinness record. But the 291 people who attended fell short of the 501 needed to beat the record for most people forming a letter. The group chose the letter H for help. Schmalz said the record attempt was seen as a good way to attract people and the media to the rally. “We wanted to get as much exposure as possible,” he said.

The event was…

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Turbine Protest Hits the Beach

As long as we allow the windweasels to be their own quality control….we will get no honest results.

Ontario Wind Resistance

port_elgin_beachBayshore Broadcasting
(Port Elgin) – Activists against wind turbines are looking to raise awareness and set a Guinness World record while they’re at it. The Saugeen Turbine Operation Policy is organizing a rally Monday on the beach in Port Elgin to raise awareness of health issues from industrial wind turbines.

STOP spokesperson Greg Schmalz says activists from all across rural Ontario will stand shoulder to shoulder and spell the word “HELP” in the hopes of setting a Guinness World Record. Schmalz says the goal of the event is to send a message to all levels of government that the STOP group needs to study the health effects of industrial wind turbines.

He says the application is in and aircrafts have been hired to record the event from the air in video and still photo formats. One of the main turbines in question is the one operated by the CAW in…

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Hundreds Gathered near Port Elgin for Wind Turbine Protest

Great Day Everyone! Thanks for being there!

Ontario Wind Resistance

Blackburn News
About 200 protesters braved chilly conditions on Gobles Grove beach near Port Elgin Monday to send a message against industrial wind turbines. The protest attracted people from across the province, including Marianne Kidd of West Lincoln in Haldimand County, who represents Mothers Against Wind Turbines.

Kidd says she made the trip to Port Elgin because she believes anti-wind forces need to be unified. Shawn Drennan of Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh is fighting the wind industry in court and says protesting is the only tool the average person has left. Meanwhile, Saugeen Turbine Operation Policy – or STOP – spokesperson Greg Schmalz says the time for talking is over. Read article
help beach

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Help Message Loud and Clear on Gobles Grove Beach

On a cold and windy Labour Day Monday, wind warriors from all parts of Ontario united at Gobles Grove Beach in the midst of an un-welcome CAW Turbine. Our Mothers Against Turbines bus, filled with supporters from Haldimand, West Lincoln and Wainfleet, walked beside our fellow Ontarians, sending a message to Kathleen Wynne and wind companies everywhere that Turbines are not welcome on our doorsteps!

Hundreds of people were positioned on the beach where the word HELP was spelled out in advance of our arrival. United and in position, we gathered into the letter H, trying to beat a Guinness Book of World Record!

The event was well organized and even included a sound equipment demonstration. The SWEAR and STOP groups are actually able to monitor infrasound, utilizing hundreds in testing equipment and software, that can then be analyzed by a sound/noise expert.

The Charter Challenge, brought forth by Julian Falconer, if successful, will set a precedent and will assist ALL those following. This action has the potential to shift the burden of proof from the need to prove serious harm to human health to the need to prove the possibility of harm, a much lower threshold.

Thank you STOP and SWEAR for organizing this event! It has managed to bring Ontarians closer together in this battle against the Liberal Government and Big Corporate Wind Companies.

Protecting our children from Industrial Wind Power Emissions is our first priority!

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