Macfarlane cops Miskelly Mauling

This letter says it all. The whole windscam is a hoax to grab our money!



Ian Macfarlane is now the Minister for Industry, which includes the Energy portfolio.

STT receives quite a lot of mail about Macca running way too close to wind weasel outlaws, Infigen (aka Babcock and Brown).

Some might call it an “unhealthy” relationship.  Tune in to Alan Jones this week to hear what AJ calls it.

We’ve called him a “policy pygmy” – which apparently upset him.  But, being fair-minded individuals, we’re prepared to “give the lad a go”, as they say.

But be warned – any misstep from here will be punished mercilessly by Australian power consumers – who all vote.

STT Champion, Paul Miskelly hit the STT headlines with his brilliant study into the economic and environmental lunacy that is wind power in this post: Where will you be when the lights go out for good?

We thought that Paul couldn’t possibly top that thoroughly researched…

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