Why Wind is a BAD deal for the Niagara Region

Sept 19, 2013 – Presented by: Marianne Kidd

Mothers Against Wind Turbines to the Niagara Regional Council

Why Wind Power is a BAD deal for the Niagara Region

Stop the Appeal – Save Ostrander Point PECFN – Sign Petition!

You may not be aware that the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists won their appeal to cancel the wind project at Ostrander Point.  The ETR ruled that the Blanding Turtle would be harmed irreversibly and therefore overturned the Ministry’s decision.

Unfortunately our Ministry of Environment  and the wind company, Gilead, are appealing the ETR’s ruling.  It is back to court.
Cheryl Anderson of the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists created this petition in response to the outrageous appeal by the Ministry of the Environment (and the developer) of the ERT decision to protect the Blandings turtle at Ostrander Point from industrial wind development.  We must protect the South Shore of PEC.

The ERT decision must stand. We all know how important this issue is, and together we can do something about it!  Please sign right now and pass it along to friends and relatives.


Delingpole on Friday

Fight back against the Greedy Host Farmers!


Did you hear about the Welsh landowner who decided he didn’t – after all – want to have a wind turbine on his property?

Huw Jones stood to make £42,000 a year from hosting the 67 metre turbine on his land in Cardigan. Gosh, what could possibly have persuaded him to forgo this easy money?

Well, Awel Deg/Cardigan Fair Wind, the local wind developer, had a pretty good idea:

“We entirely understand Huw’s decision to withdraw in the light of the huge pressure he and his family has been under in recent weeks.”

What the developer seems to be suggesting is that poor Huw was bullied by his neighbours into changing his mind. And if so, I say good for the “bullies.”

When the democratic process has failed us as badly as it has with wind farms, what option do threatened local communities have other than to take matters into…

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Meaningless consensus on climate change

Only people who are making money off of the global warming scam, will continue to spew their garbage. We all know better than to believe it!

Financial Post | Opinion

Contrary to reports, global warming studies don’t show 97% of scientists fear global warming

Apart from a handful of eccentrics, everyone believes in the reality of manmade climate change. That’s the message of a recent paper in the journal Environmental Research Letters, the latest in a series of similar efforts that have been used as a stick with which to beat policymakers. But scratch at the surface of any of these publications and you find that there is considerably less to them than meets the eye.

The earliest paper in this series, by Peter Doran and Maggie Kendall Zimmerman of the University of Illinois, reported the results of an opinion poll of climate scientists that Zimmerman had prepared for her MSc thesis. The headline conclusion – that 97% of climatologists thought that mankind was having a significant impact on the climate – was widely reported at the time.


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Protecting our children from Industrial Wind Power Emissions is our first priority!

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