Cameron signals end for the Great British Wind Scam

The sooner this scam is stopped, the better off we will be!!


There’s as an old Chinese proverb that says “even a rabbit will bite when it is cornered.”

But when the targets under attack are wind weasels and the parasites that depend upon them, you can expect not just the odd rabbit-nip, but every dirty trick in the book.  Remember you’re standing between these people and a fat pile of taxpayer and power consumer cash.

The subsidy bonanza has been pulled to a screaming halt in Spain.

The Germans are lamenting the insane costs of their great wind rush – spiralling “green” power costs have resulted in 800,000 German homes being cut-off from the power supply.  And with a power punter revolt on the cards – Angela Merkel is winding back its ridiculous raft of subsidies to wind power.

Hostility to giant fans is spreading like wildfire through communities around the world.  Quite ordinary, apolitical people are now highly…

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Welland IWT blade manufacturer to release ammonia, petroleum distillates, ethylbenzene & suspended particulate matter

People need to know the truth about the FAUX-GREEN Wind Follies.

Ontario Wind Resistance

EthylbenzeneEnvironmental Registry
Proponent:   Powerblades Industries Inc.
615 Rusholme Road, Welland Ontario  Canada L3B 5N7
Instrument Type:   Environmental Compliance Approval (project type: air) – EPA Part II.1
This proposal is for a new Environmental Compliance Approval (Air and Noise) for wind turbine rotor blades facility located in Welland, Ontario.

The facility will have eighteen (18) exhaust fans and two (2) dust extraction systems serving the processing area, as well heating and stand-by power systems. Emissions to the atmosphere will include ammonia, petroleum distillates, ethylbenzene and suspended particulate matter.

Public Consultation:
This proposal has been posted for a 45 day public review and comment period starting August 21, 2013. If you have any questions, or would like to submit your comments, please do so by October 05, 2013 to the individual listed under “Contact”. Additionally, you may submit your comments on-line. All comments received prior to October 05, 2013 will…

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The BBC? Biased? Surely not!

Wind turbine protestors are the actual victims. Oil and gas protestors are “greentards”, rebels without a cause.

Roger Helmer MEP

Ben Pile is a researcher who works with me and my colleagues on energy issues.  He was interested by my recent blog on the politics of shale gas, and came up with his own very interesting aperçu on the media coverage of the issue.  I thought I should share it with you.

He has been trying to compare the reaction of the media — and the BBC in particular — to the shale gas and wind farm campaigns respectively.

The BBC national coverage of anti-wind campaigns, he notes, has been all but silent, and fails to address the concerns of the campaigners themselves.  BBC local coverage reports the protests more accurately and fairly. It seems clear that a few hundred anti-fracking protesters from around the country can attract the attention of the national media, simply by making a very visual image — dressing up, banging drums, causing widespread…

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Tax losses from wind turbine project already starting to add up

People will flee from the torture of the turbines.

Ontario Wind Resistance

abandoned expropriationManitoulin Expositor
NEMI has turned its back on a great potential tax base and a lifeline for the community: retiring Baby Boomers. We retired and moved to the Strawberry Channel in December 2011. Almost a year later, we found that 24 Northland Power Wind Turbines (the largest in Ontario: 422 feet high) will be built in our backyard. Had I known, I would not have looked at this area as a place to purchase our dream retirement home. Our retiring friends have now decided to look instead to Lake Nipissing. Another couple will settle in Parry Sound rather than live near wind turbines.

We are all retired from industrial areas like Espanola and Sudbury and our objective is to get away from industrial messes. I have been told that Northland Power will contribute a paltry $10,000/year to the tax base and possibly three long-term jobs. Our property taxes for 2013…

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Turbine Blade Manufacturer to Emit Air Pollution

New “Green” Manufacturing jobs in Ontario, will actually be emitting air pollutants including ammonia, petroleum distillates, ethylbenzene and suspended particulate matter.

We need your help, please let the Ontario government know how you feel about the permit for Turbine blade companies emitting Air Pollutants while making non-recyclable components! We only have 45 days…..go on the record! 

EBR 011-9860

Environmental Registry Link

Health Effects Recognized in UK

Advertising Standards Authority says windfarms can’t be advertised as producing no health effects

In 2012 Scottish PowerRenewables claimed “There is no medical evidence to suggest that wind turbines affect health”. This claim appeared in the FAQ section of their web site promoting the Mynydd Mynyllod Windfarm in Wales. After a complaint to the ASA, and an investigation lasting more than nine months Scottish Power Renewables have assured the ASA that they will “make the basis for “make the basis for claims for health and wind farms clearer, claims for health and wind farms clearer, avoiding definitive claims”. avoiding definitive claims”.

At the time of writing Scottish Power appear to have removed the claim from their web site:

See original article at:

Communities opposed to wind form network


Ontario Wind Resistance

In-Unity-Is-StrengthUNWILLING HOSTS: Group plans to lobby province for better rules

By Chip Martin, London Free Press         With 64 municipalities and growing, Ontario’s Unwilling Host movement, opposed to industrial wind turbines, took its first step this week toward organizing into a coalition.

During the annual meeting of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario in Ottawa, about 60 delegates agreed to create a network to swap information, said organizer Kevin Marriott, mayor of Enniskillen, in Lambton County.

“There is a real willingness from everybody to form some group to go forward,” Marriott said.  “It’s going to be a step-by-step process,” he said.  Logistical problems exist in gathering municipal representatives from across the province on an ongoing basis, he conceded, so some options will be considered.

The movement is in response to a promise from Premier Kathleen Wynne that, from now on, wind turbines will be located in municipalities…

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The Greentard Politician – from another Planet?

The unavoidable demise of the renewables scam….


We’ve had cause to comment on numerous political Muppets, like the rotten, mean and nasty Milne:

milne 200

We’ve also had a crack at Labor’s Laura Smyth:


And SA Federal Greens Senator, Sarah Hanson-Young:

Sadly – Laura and Sarah probably won’t be troubling us after 7 September. Oh dear, what a pity, never mind.

Victorian Green, Greg Barber and South Australian Green, Mark Parnell have also drawn a little STT fire.

parnell grover

Here’s a neat little wrap up by Pointman on where these Martians came from and where they will all end up.

Know your enemy: the “green” politician.
13 August 2013

Any time you make an assessment of a situation or a group of people, you have to be aware that it will have a certain shelf life.  Things change, situations evolve and new factors appear as time moves on.  Of all the groups I’ve looked at in…

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Wind turbines are everywhere out here | San Diego Reader

They’re over 300 feet high. They kill birds. They’re linked to cancer.

Donna Tisdale’s home office looks like something out of an episode of the TV show Hoarders. Paperwork spills off a crowded desk. Boxes are strewn on the floor. Every inch of space is consumed with reports, educational mailers, studies, and oversized maps of green-energy projects slated for the community of Boulevard.

“Unfortunately, this is my full-time job right now,” she says. “It’s a whirlwind. Sometimes I stay up all night. Basically, it’s a shit storm, and it’s coming from all angles: our federal government, our state government, and our local government. They all want these green-energy projects.”

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Coalition of ‘Unwilling Host’ municipalities meets at AMO

Ontario Wind Resistance

Countylive.caunwilling-hosts-AMO-meetingRepresentatives from the 63 municipalities that have declared themselves ‘unwilling hosts’ to wind turbines met Tuesday during the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) conference under way in Ottawa.

Prince Edward County councillor Robert Quaiff is a member of the Wainfleet Working Group that sent the invitations to discuss ways to bring their concerns more forcefully to the government. He was also representing Prince Edward County, which declared itself an “unwilling host”.

“The issues were discussed for two hours on how to move forward,” said Quaiff. “The conclusion was that the most recent announcements by the Ministry of the Environment do not address the concerns at a local level. Encouragement of the Working Group will be supported and continued.”

Kevin Marriott, Mayor of Enniskillen, agreed the government has not addressed concerns of these communities. Read article

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Protecting our children from Industrial Wind Power Emissions is our first priority!

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