Council to discuss vibrancy fund for future ghost towns

What price do the towns think is fair, to turn a blind eye, to the suffering of their rural residents?

Ontario Wind Resistance

ghost townBy Jennifer Vo, Sachem
Haldimand County council promises improvements to rural areas in the next few years, as council members begin to firm up the list of projects that could benefit from the Community Vibrancy Fund.
During the month of September, the councillors from wards 1, 2, 4 and 5 are working to compile a wish list of the items that they say their residents hoped would get addressed using the money collected from the Community Vibrancy Fund.

“We’re getting the lion’s share of it,” said Councillor Fred Morison, whose ward is slated to get about $13.5 million of the vibrancy fund. He said he’s currently in the process of establishing meetings with stakeholders to determine a list of possible projects that could benefit from the funds.

“Certainly, gravel road conversion is high on everyone’s list, which is certainly worthwhile. There’s things going on down at the Lions Hall in…

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The end is near down under! Australia dissolves their Climate Change Ministry

The Aussies have smartened up….when will we???

Watts Up With That?

From Reuters Point Carbon:

Australia axes ministerial role for climate change

The new Australian Cabinet will be the first in six years to not have a ministerial role for climate change issues, merging instead global warming with the wider environment portfolio.

Announcing his Cabinet on Monday, incoming Prime Minister Tony Abbott appointed Greg Hunt, the Liberal-National Coalition’s spokesman on climate change issues since 2009, as the new Minister for the Environment.

“(Hunt) will have responsibility for the abolition of the carbon tax, implementation of the Coalition’s Direct Action plan, the establishment of the Green Army and the creation of a one-stop-shop for environmental approvals,” Abbott said in a statement.

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Winslow family says no to wind turbines


Ontario Wind Resistance

PETERBOROUGH — The Winslow family has had a change of heart and won’t be erecting a wind turbine on their family farm at this time. Nearly 50 people broke out in a cheer, and some in tears, when son-in-law Norm Lamothe announced Monday (Sept. 16) at a press conference that his family had withdrawn its commitment to M.K. Ince and Associates Ltd. Mr. Lamothe says the change of heart comes after listening to the community’s concerns,

“They were deeply concerned from a health prospective and the health effects it may have on their families,” he said. “It certainly touched us and we decided at that point that it was not going to happen.”

M.K. Ince and Associates Ltd., owned by Martin Ince, plans to build five industrial-size turbines in Cavan Monaghan Township. The wind farm would overlook the Devil Elbow skill area and also straddle the City of Kawartha…

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Rolling Stone Attacks Global Warming ‘Deniers’ As Anti-Science, Then Commits Big Scientific Blunder

The global warming scare….

Quixotes Last Stand

Alex Epstein — Forbes — September 16, 2013

Last week,  I learned that I had achieved every young musician’s dream–I made a Rolling Stone Top 10 List. Unfortunately, I am no musician and it was no compliment. I was, along with the Koch Brothers and ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson, named one of the magazine’s “Global Warming’s Denier Elite.”

“President Obama has vowed to take action to fight global warming,” Rolling Stone says. “Meet the polluters, politicians and propagandists who’ve vowed to stop him.”

Since I’m not a “polluter” (read: productive energy company) or a politician, I guess that makes me a “propagandist denier.”

Here’s the interesting thing, though: I am an outspoken global warming affirmer. I recognize that in the last 150 years the average temperature around the globe has trended upward rather than downward. I recognize that human CO2 emissions make a contribution to warming through…

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Love thy Neighbour

Australia acknowledges the good-hearted Winslow family, who righted a wrong, on behalf of their community!!!


It should never be forgotten that the land-holder that sells their soul for a few pieces of silver is the basis for the whole wind power fraud.  Wind weasels would never purchase land in their own right – far better to pay a few measly $thousand per turbine in annual “licence” fees to a “sucker” who takes all the risk upfront and will inherit a toxic mess at the end.  Landholder agreements are all in favour of the wind weasel – and lay all the risk at the feet of the hosts.

turbine down

Land holders will be left with rusting hulks in their paddocks – and none of them were smart enough to get decommissioning bonds – or some other valuable security – in place to ensure the mess will be cleaned up when the whole circus collapses – as it inevitably must.

Good luck getting a $2 company with no…

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The tide is rising on climate models and policies

Terence Corcoran Financial Post | 16/09/13 7:59 PM ET

As climate models and economics founder, both the politics and science of climate change are on the ropes at UN and across the globe

This past week, a number of these stories written for news sources worldwide are asking the same question. If the models and predictions for global warming /climate change are out of sync with reality, what are we mitigating and adapting for? Here is an excerpt from this article.

No matter what side of the debate one is on, there is no denying that the actual global temperature record for the last 15 or more years shows no sign of warming. Guelph University’s Ross McKitrick reviews the graphic evidence. The record clearly has fallen outside the prediction bounds produced by a succession of IPCC computer climate models back to 1990. The record points to big trouble for the IPCC and the whole climate theory. “Something big is about to happen,” says Prof. McKitrick. “Models predict one thing and the data show another. The various attempts in recent years to patch over the difference are disintegrating. Over the next few years, either there is going to be a sudden, rapid warming that shoots temperatures up to where the models say they should be, or the mainstream climate modeling paradigm is going to fall apart.”

Rest of the article can be read here:

“Never Stops, Never Stops. Headache. Help.”

Good article on the experiences of people living near turbines!

Global Wind Energy -- The Human Impact

Some people living in the shadows of wind turbines say they’re making them sick. Almost as upsetting: Their neighbors don’t feel a thing.

Kristen French — NewYork Magazine — September 15, 2013

On May 4, 2012, at around 8:30 a.m., air-traffic controller Mark J. Cool put two planes on a collision course over Cape Cod. “Runway 14” is what Cool heard the Coast Guard controller say when he okayed a Falcon jet for takeoff from the airport. “Runway 23” is what the controller actually said. That set the jet directly in the flight path of a twin-prop Cool had just released from another airport. On his radar display, two green splats lurched ever closer as he made a series of frantic radio contacts to set them on a corrected course. Cool’s supervisor and colleagues crowded behind him in a crescent of worry. The planes came within two thirds of a…

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Old Growth Maple Forest in ThunderBay being chopped down for ‘green’ wind turbines

Chop down trees….for no good reason….ridiculous! Let’s chop down turbines, and put up trees!

Quixotes Last Stand

James Murray — NetNewsLedger — September 16, 2013

THUNDER BAY – Editorial – Ontario has an electricity surplus. That is the word coming out from Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli. The Ontario Government is set to pay wind farm producers not to produce energy.

In Thunder Bay, an old growth Maple Forest is in the process of being destroyed to put in a wind farm.

The irony is incredible.

Northwestern Ontario, and the Thunder Bay District was able to supply electrical power to run all the grain elevators at full capacity, along with the several paper mills in our area. There isn’t a shortage, well, at least not a shortage of electricity.

Common sense however?

Maybe the shortfall is there?

At issue appears that no one locally is willing to stand up for the future of the hardwood maple forest. The process forward is in the hands of the Ontario Government.

The real…

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Protecting our children from Industrial Wind Power Emissions is our first priority!

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