Study Evaluates the True Cost of Windpower

Institute for Energy Research October 15, 2013

“Despite being propped up by government mandates and billion dollar subsidies for decades, wind power continues to be an expensive and boutique energy source that the American people cannot rely on for power when they need it. Although lobbyists for the wind industry prefer to downplay the real costs of wind power, Dr. Giberson has produced a fact-based study that demonstrates just how expensive it really is.”

The study by Dr. Gibberson:   Assessing Wind Power Costs Estimates  can be read here:                                                                                                                                                                            The summary concludes that:  “The federal government devotes substantially more financial resources to subsidize the production of wind power than it does to study wind power.”  I imagine if the province of Ontario would have done due diligence , we wouldn’t be in the mess that we are in now.  Better late than never I suppose.


Here is AWEA’ s quick and blustery response to this study.  I find fact 4 particularly angering  Looking at the rising cost on our power bills shows how easily and boldly they can lie.  CANWEA, here in Ontario, has a similar propensity for storytelling.  Also known as fabricating facts.

4. All data indicate that wind energy is keeping electric bills low for

consumers. Adding wind energy to the grid displaces the most expensive

 power plants first, so even modest additions of wind energy cause

significant reductions in the electricity prices paid by homeowners and





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