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Esther’s millions?….they’re fighting over the family’s groceries, utilities, and rent…..shameful!

I find it shocking, and offensive, that the United Way, will gladly reap the potential financial benefits, of the legal abuse, that Nextera intends to heap upon Esther Wrightman.  Everyone should write to the United Way, and let them know how you feel.  If you belong to twitter, facebook, or any of the social media sights, broadcast this nasty behaviour, far and wide!  Do NOT give one penny, to these people!

Wind weasels saying we are biased? The audacity!!!

The idea that a wind proponent could accuse anyone else of being biased, when they are the ones who are doing this for the money….not us.  There is no way that anyone could be more biased than they are!  Supporters of Wind, are Supported by Wind!!!  The rest of us are simply defending ourselves.

This is what we need….  Imagine that.  A government that is working toward protecting it’s citizens, and not private, for-profit corporations!  EXCELLENT!!!