K2 Wind “farm” ordered to reduce Noise

k2 wind turbine T330

CTV London|May 27, 2019

The K2 Wind farm in Huron County needs to make some changes, the Ministry of Environment has ordered.

The wind farm operators must fix noise issues with their turbines, after noise testing found some of the turbines were “out of compliance.”

The order is vindication for Mike and Carla Stachura, who have been complaining about noisy turbines near their Dungannon area home for more than four years.

K2 Wind, which consists of 140 turbines, must now fix the noise issues either by limiting the hours the turbines operate, de-rating the turbines to reduce sound levels, or change when they use the turbines in relation to wind speed or direction.

They have until June 14 to have a plan to fix the noise problems. They also have the ability to appeal the provincial order.

The owners of the K2 Wind Farm, Axium Infrastructure, say they take “their responsibility to operate within the established guidelines of the Renewable Energy Approval permit very seriously, and we will continue to work closely with the ministry to resolve any operational issues that may arise.”


One thought on “K2 Wind “farm” ordered to reduce Noise”

  1. Controlling the K2 Wind turbines to reduce the audible noise will not stop the harm from LFN and infrasound radiation.
    Minister Christine Elliot, Minister Rickford and Minister Philips have been notified of cardiac instability episodes, which have been investigated by medical doctors, to rule out typical causative factors. Since early October of 2018, these Ministers have all refused to respond to the request for a face- to- face meeting with trusted advocates to look at the relevant medical records and be educated about the harm to both the neurological system and to the vestibular system. Dr. Mariana Alves-Pereira, an expert on LFN and infrasound, has stated publicly that knowing what she now knows about this harm (which is both cumulative and “irreversible”), she would not live within 20 km from a wind turbine. If this is the case, why would we want anyone to be forced to live much closer than that? In some cases, peoples’ homes are surrounded by turbines even closer than a one km. Why?

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