Tornado Touches Down

A tornado touched down September 21, 2018 in Ontario.   Photos are of the funnel cloud  with industrial wind turbines looming on the skyline.    Damage was extensive where the tornado’s force made contact.  This extreme weather event has not generated any reports of turbine component liberations.

NB:  Image was previously incorrectly identified as being from the Tornados over Gatineau Quebec.   Thank you to our readers for the correction

CBC: Clean-up efforts underway in Gatineau after tornado

Global News: From the inside of a tornado, a Gatineau man shot video on the third floor of his building


2 thoughts on “Tornado Touches Down”

  1. If you had reverse searched the image, you would know this picture was posted in a 2016 article published about an Oklahoma tornado.

    After reading your past publications, I must admit you guys are master of disinformation. Tornados and wind turbine have absolutely nothing to do one with the other, so please take the tin foil hat off.

    1. Thank you. Correction has been made & posting edited. We learn as we go and are never too humble to have unintentional errors corrected.

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