Don’t Buy Near a Wind Project

Recent posting spotted on an online sell & buy website:

Don’t buy anything in a wind farm (Everywhere)

Lots of problems with wind turbines in these wind farms. The noise causes sleep interruptions and sleep deprivation. The noise and shadow flicker “strobe” effect is not tolerable. The noise is thumping like heavy bass inside your house. It does not seem like a big deal outside, but INSIDE the house is terrible. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing a home near any wind turbines.
house and turbine 1

2 thoughts on “Don’t Buy Near a Wind Project”

  1. As long as this government does not have turbines turned off, the residents whose homes have been impacted must hold the people within the government who are responsible for their harm and the impact on their property legally accountable. They must be held personally liable.
    Extortion is not acceptable. Forced relocation is not acceptable.
    This is Canada.

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