Wind Turbine Noise Conference 2017


Noise made by industrial wind turbines will be generating a lot of discussion at the upcoming international conference May 2017 in Rotterdam.


Wind Turbine Noise 2017

Abstracts Accepted 2017

Here is a list of abstracts submitted for WTN 2017 in alphabetical order of lead author.

Presentations will be either oral, poster or part of a workshop session. The type of presentation will be notified when the full paper is accepted.

You can also download a PDF here

Managing tonality during the planning, design and construction of a wind farm. Justin Adcock, Christophe Delaire, Daniel Griffin, Alex Morabito.

Noise measurement on a Small Wind Turbine preliminary results. Mariano Amadio.

Trailing edge serrations – effect of their flap angle on flow and acoustics. Carlos Arce León, Roberto Merino-Martínez, Daniele Ragni, Stefan Pröbsting, Francesco Avallone, Ashish Singh, Jesper Madsen.

An investigation into the effect of wind shear on the noise emission of modern wind turbines. Payam Ashtiani, Duncan Halstead.

Airfoil noise reduction using active flow control. Mahdi Azarpeyvand, Mate Szoke, Weam Elsahhar, Yannick Mayer.

Investigation of Amplitude Modulation Noise with a Fully Coupled Noise Source and Propagation Model. Emre Barlas, Wei Jun Zhu, Wen Zhong Shen, Kaya Dag, Patrick Moriarty.

Windfarm noise assessment methodologies comparison: UNI 11143-7 and ISPRA guidelines. Different approaches, results, features. Andrea Bartolazzi, Michela Spizzichino.

Pre-construction Site Prediction Tool for Wind Farm AM – Do We Now Know Enough?. Jeremy Bass, Andrew Birchby.

Wind turbine noise – an overview of current knowledge and perspectives. Andrea Bauerdorff, Steffen Körper.

Coupled wind turbine noise generation and propagation – A numerical study. Franck Bertagnolio.

Wind turbine noise prediction using Olive Tree Lab. Alexis BIGOT, Panos ECONOMOU, Costas ECONOMOU.

The influence of aero-elastic coupling on rotor sound predictions. Remy Binois, Thomas Klemme, Sascha Erbsloeh.

Annual analysis of sound propagation from a boreal wind park. Karl Bolin, Ilkka Karasalo, Esbjörn Olsson.

Developing and presenting a unique and innovative acoustic installation template to offer a spatial, frequency and calibrated reproduction of a wind turbine noise to the public.. Dominique Bollinger, Xavier Falourd, Lukas Rohr.

Efficient tools for assessing the emergence, audibility and masking potential of wind turbine noise by background noise. Dominique Bollinger, Xavier Falourd, Romain Feuz, Patrick Marmaroli.

An Investigation into Short-Term Fluctuations in Amplitude Modulation of Wind Turbine Noise. Ian Bonsma, Nathan Gara, Brian Howe, Nick McCabe.

Wind turbine noise measurement in controlled conditions. Koen Boorsma, J.G. Schepers.

Use of the Acoustic Camera to accurately localise wind turbine noise soiurces and their Doppler shift. Stuart Bradley, Michael Kerscher,, Torben Mikkelsen.

The Challenges and Benefits of Long-Term Noise Monitoring of Wind Farm Sites. Ethan Brush, James Barnes, Marc Newmark, William Yoder.

Characterizing the acoustic noise from wind turbines by using the divergence of the sound pressure in the ambient. Valentin Buzduga, Alexandru Buzduga.

An Experimental Parametric Study of Airfoil Trailing Edge Serrations. Thomas H. CAROLUS, Farhan A. MANEGAR (Univ Siegen) ; Elodie THOUANT (ECL) ; Kevin VOLKMER (Univ Siegen) ; Isabelle SCHMICH-YAMANE (EDF).

A scoping study on assessment practices for noise impacts from renewable technologies in Scotland. Matthew Cassidy, Susanne Underwood (Land Use Consultants), Nick James (Land Use Consultants). .

Numerical Prediction of DU96 Airfoil Self Noise using Detached Eddy Simulation. Kenan Cengiz, Yusuf Özyörük.

Application of the UK IOA Method for Rating Amplitude Modulation. David Coles, Tom Levet, Matthew Cand.

Sound propagating from wind turbines in winter conditions. Kristina Conrady, Anna Sjöblom, Conny Larsson.

Variation in wind turbine sound power measurements. Jon Cooper, Tom Evans.

Using long term monitoring for noise assessment of wind farms. Eugène de Beer. . Australian Criteria for C-weighted Wind Farm Noise Levels. Christophe Delaire, Justin Adcock, Daniel Griffin, Lachlan Deen.

The different evaluation-methods of the wind farm noise in Switzerland – computer models/in-situ measurements. Victor Desarnaulds, Ronan Fécelier, Dimitri Magnin.

Comparison of Sound Propagation Models for Offshore Wind Farms. Guangsheng (Sam) Du, A.D. Lightstone, Joseph Doran.

Perceptual aspects of wind-turbine noise. Pierre Dutilleux.

Wind turbine noise assessment by regression tree analysis.. David Ecotière.

Wind turbine noise at neighbor dwellings, calculations versus measurements.. Rune Egedal, Lars Sommer Søndergaard, Morten Bording Hansen.

Wind turbine noise: Sound power level measurements 3.0. Leon Eilders, Eugène de Beer.

Vertical directivity observations based on statistics of low frequency tonal components measured at downwind and upwind locations.. Xavier Falourd, Dominique Bollinger, Romain Feuz, Patrick Marmaroli.

Effects of Individual Pitch Control on Amplitude Modulated Noise. Chris Feist, Matt Lueker, Bill Herb, Peter Seiler, Daniel Ossmann.

Modeling and localizing low frequency noise of a wind turbine using an array of acoustic vector sensors. Daniel Fernandez Comesaña, Krishnaprasad Ramamohan and David Perez Cabo.

Investigation of turbulence interaction noise generated in wake operation. Andreas Fischer, Helge Aagaard Madsen, Franck Bertagnolio.

Assessment of WTN by separating residual noise without the farm shoutdown. Luca Fredianelli, Paolo Gallo, Gaetano Licitra, Diego Palazzuoli, Stefano Carpita.

Comparison of the IOA method and Japanese F-S method for quantitative assessment of amplitude modulation of wind turbine noise – A study based on the field measurement results in Japan. Akinori Fukushima, Hideki Tachibana.

Low-frequency micro-seismic radiation by wind turbines and it’s interaction with acoustic noise emission. Theodore V. Gortsas, Zieger, Toni; Triantafyllidis, Theodore; Kudella, Peter; Ritter, Joachim; Polyzos, Demosthenes

Comparison of Measured and Modelled Wind Turbine Noise in Indian Terrain. ARIVUKKODI GUNASEKARAN, Dr.S.Gomathinayagam, Dr. S.Kanmani.

An investigation into correlation between stron wind turbine amplitude modulation and environmental conditions. Duncan Halstead, Payam Ashtiani, Adam Suban-Loewen.

The occurrence of nocturnal wind farm rumbling noise. Kristy L Hansen, Branko Zajamsek, Colin H. Hansen.

Annoyance caused by amplitude modulated wind turbine noise, a study carried out with real far- field recordings of amplitude modulation. Morten Hansen, To be determined.


Human response to wind turbine noise: infrasound and amplitude modulation. William Herb, Peggy Nelson, William Herb, Matt Lueker, Jeff Marr, Noah Stone, John Wachtler.

Low-frequency noise incl. infrasound from wind turbines and other sources. Lorenz Herrmann, U. Ratzel, O. Bayer, K.-G. Krapf, M. Hoffmann, J. Blaul, C. Mehnert.

Predicted and Measured Trailing-Edge Noise Emission for a 2.3 MW Wind Turbine. Cordula Hornung, Christoph Scheit, Christian F. Napierala, Matthias Arnold, Andree Altmikus, Thorsten Lutz.

The Institute of Acoustics Reference Method for Rating Amplitude Modulation. Gavin Irvine. .

Epidemiological Study on Long-Term Health Effect of Low-Frequency Noise Produced by Wind Power Stations in Japan. TATSUYA ISHITAKE, KUNIO HARA, YOSHITAKA MORIMATSU, TATSUHIKO KUBO, YOSHIHISA FUJINO.

Partial masking and the perception of wind turbine noise in ambient sounds. Anders Johansson, Karl Bolin.

Wind Turbine Rotor Noise Prediction and Reduction for Low Noise Rotor Design. Mohammad Kamruzzaman, Jeremy Hurault, Kaj Dam Madsen.

Comparison of measured and calculated noise levels in far distances of wind turbines. Ulf Kock, Arno Trautsch.

International Legislation and Regulations for Wind Turbine Shadow Flicker Impact. Erik Koppen, Mahesh Gunuru.

Cotton Farm Wind Farm long term community noise monitoring 3 years on: testing compliance and AM control methods.. Sarah Large, Stigwood, Mike; Stigwood, Duncan.

Long-term experimental campaign on an operating wind turbine for trailing edge serrations verification. Irene Lauret-Ducosson, Albert ALARCON, Isabelle SCHMICH YAMANE.

Why do some people feel that they are “made ill” by wind turbine noise. Geoff Leventhall.

Frequency Content of Measured Wind Farm Noise Levels in Comparison to Background Noise Levels. Tom Levet. . Presenting insights from shadow flicker compliance monitoring. Peter Longbottom.

Putting the IOA preferred AM assessment method and the penalty into practice – an outlook for future developments of wind farms in the UK. Krispian Lowe, Sylvia Broneske.


Simulated low frequency wind turbine noise from wake operation. Helge Aagaard Madsen, Franck Bertagnolio, Andreas Fischer.

High Fidelity Airfoil Trailing Edge Noise Predictions via Lattice-Boltzmann Simulations. Farhan Ahmed Manegar, Thomas Carolus, Sascha Erbslöh.

Perceptual confusion between an 8-Hz tone plus 125-Hz tone mix and an 8-Hz amplitude- modulated 125 Hz tone. Torsten Marquardt.

Development of an Airfoil Inflow Noise Prediction Tool. Alexandre Martuscelli Faria, Marcos de Mattos Pimenta.

Accurate Prediction of Noise from Aerofoils with Serrated Trailing Edges. Yannick Mayer, Benshuai Lyu, Hasan Kamliya Jawahar, Mahdi Azarpeyvand.


Acoustic measurements of a wind turbine cambered airfoil with flow-misaligned serrations in a closed wind tunnel test section. Roberto Merino-Martinez, Wouter van der Velden, Francesco Avallone, Daniele Ragni.

Measurement Techniques for determining Wind Turbine Infrasound Penetration into Homes. Andy Metelka, Andy, Metelka.

A single aggregated exposure response relationship for all magnitudes of annoyance toward multiple wind turbine features. David Michaud, Leonora Marro.

Evaluation of Wind Turbine Noise in Japan. Mimi NAMEKI, Hitomi KIMURA: Hiroya DEGUCHI: Nobuo MACHIDA; Hideki TACHIBANA.

Analysis of sound emission by using amplitude modulation components of wind turbine noise. Yasuaki Okada, Shinya Hyodo, Koichi Yoshihisa, Teruo Iwase.

Wind Turbine Noise Dose Response – Comparison of Recent Studies. Isaac Old, Kenneth Kaliski.

The Variation of WTN Limits Across the United States – Should there be a Bright Line. Christopher Ollson.

A Rigorous Method of Addressing Wind Turbine Noise. William (Bill) K.G. Palmer.

Addressing a management strategy of Wind Farms Noise Control in Chile. José David Parra Cuevas, Igor Valdebenito, Víctor Hugo Lobos.

Assessment of commercial codes for the prediction of wind turbines noise. José David Parra Cuevas, Enrique Suárez.

Background Noise Variability Relative to Wind Direction, Temperature, and Other Factors. Patricia Pellerin, Kristjan Varnik, Erik Kalapinski, Kevin Fowler.


Acoustic Directivity Pattern of Multi-Megawatt Wind Turbines. Benoît Petitjean, Drew Wetzel, Roger Drobietz, Jonathan Luedke, Kevin Kinzie.

Impact of noise from suburban wind turbines on human well-being. Fei Qu, Jian Kang, Aki Tsuchiya.


Real atmospheric propagation makes blade passage harmonics audible. Werner Richarz, Harrison Richarz.

The development and limits of the German shadow flicker guidelines. Peter Ritter.

A new characterization of wind turbine noise from Life Cycle Assessment. Andrea Rivarola, Pablo Arena, Héctor Mattio. Aeroacoustic simulation of multiple wind turbine source interaction. Xavier Robin, Cesar Legendre, Diego Copiello.

Variation of wind induced non-turbine related noise due to position, shelter, wind direction and season. Lars Sommer Søndergaard, Rune Egedal, Morten Bording Hansen.

Verification and Validation of the QBlade Airfoil Trailing-Edge Noise Prediction Module. Joseph Saab, Marcos de Mattos Pimenta, José Roberto Castilho Piqueira, David Marten, Geoarge Pechlivanoglou, Christian Navid Nayeri, Christian Oliver Paschereit

iEar dynamic acoustic windfarm curtailment. Jérémy SCHILD, Vincent CHAVAND.

Origin, Transfer and Reduction of Structure-Borne Noise in Wind Turbines. Lukas Schneider.

Wind turbine sound predictions: Literature survey, model assessment and case study on the effect of blade elasticity. Leonard Schorle, Thomas Carolus, Sascha Erbslöh.

Wind farm design including noise contraints. Javier Serrano González, José Miguel Riquelme Dominguez, Jesús Manuel Riquelme Santos, Manuel Burgos Payán.

Modelling activities in wind turbine noise generation and propagation at DTU Wind Energy Wenzhong Shen, Wei Jun Zhu, Emre Barlas, Harald Debertshauser, Jens Noerkaer Soerensen, Franck Bertagnolio, Andreas Fischer, Helge Aagaard Madsen.

Wind turbines in hilly terrain – response of residents to sound disturbance related to sound and meteorological measurements. Anna Sjöblom, Conny Larsson, Kristina Conrady.

Tonal noise mitigation on wind turbines. Jutta Stauber, Brett Marmo, Donald Black, Mark-Paul Buckingham.

Experience of reviewing wind farm noise assessments for Scottish local authorities and the implementation of the IOA Good Practice Guide to the Application of ETSU-R-97 for the Assessment and Rating of Wind Turbine Noise. Steve Summers, Graham Parry.

An Update on the Prediction, Assessment and Compliance of Wind Farm Noise in Australia. Peter Teague.

A case study of how to involve impacted neighbors in measuring and characterizing windfarm noise. Sveinulf Vagene.

A ‘social review’ of wind turbine noise. Frits van den Berg, John Bolte.

Variations in measured noise emission of wind turbines due to local circumstances. Wim van der Maarl, Eugène de Beer.

Small Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine: Aeroacoustic and Aerodynamic Optimization of Airfoil and Blade. Kevin Volkmer, N. Kaufmann, T. Carolus.

Extended simulations of wind noise contamination of amplitude modulation ratings. Sabine von Hunerbein, Paul Kendrick; Trevor Cox.

Influence of Harmonic Phases on Subjective Response to Periodic Infrasonic Pulses. Bruce Walker, Joseph Celano.

Computational Aeroacoustics of Small Vertical Axis Wind Turbines by Applying a Hybrid Approach. Johannes Weber, Matthias Tautz, Andreas Hüppe, Stefan Becker, Manfred Kaltenbacher.

Objectify wind turbine noise complaints by longterm sound measurements. Friedrich Wilts, Thomas Neumann.

The visual effects of wind turbines in Japan. Takashi Yano, Sonoko Kuwano, Hideki Tachibana.

An Amplitude Modulation Noise Measurement and Analysis for IEEE P2400 Standard Project. Xiang Ye, Dr. Xue, Yu.

Subjective experiments on the perception of tonal component(s) contained in wind turbine noise. Sakae Yokoyama, Tomohiro Kobayashi, Hideki Tachibana.

HEARING AT LOW FREQUENCIES IN THE PRESENCE OF INFRASOUND. Branko Zajamsek, Peter Catcheside, Gorica Micic, Kristy Hansen, Colin Hansen.


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