Is it ethical to study harm from wind turbine exposure?

house-surrounded-by-wind-turbinesIn scientific study human research subjects must be informed of possible harms from exposure to give informed consent. Industrial wind turbines have and continue to generated uncounted reports of harmful health impacts suffered by adjacent residents. Huron County Public Health in Ontario is undertaking an investigation in response to the reports they have received. READ MORE:

Richard Mann is an Associate  Professor of  School of Computer Science at the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo located in southern Ontario.   His passion is sound.  He is a published and peer reviewed researcher working in partnership pursuing methods to improve measurements of infrasound and recently with his co-author presented at Wind Turbine Noise 2015, INCE/EUROPE, in Glasgow, Scotland in April 2015.

He stated his current position about health investigations into the exposure of noise emitted by Industrial Wind Turbines as follows (Bolded and underlined for emphasis):

“There have also been many surveys and studies regarding human health effects related to Industrial Wind Turbine exposure.  Sadly many of them have actually increased suffering by concluding that the subjects were imagining their symptoms, and by varying degrees, labeling them with the “It’s all in your head” designation.”

It is also of note that while many people did agree to participate in these surveys and studies inthe hope that their concerns would be heard, they were certainly captive participants by being forced to live in proximity to the turbines.”

Letter to Epidemiologist, Dr. Erica Clark of Huron County:






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