Public Information Meeting 2016

“This Great Blue Heron was found injured along a fenceline south of Smithville on August 28, 2016. Its location was approximately 600 meters west of an Industrial Wind Turbine that had been in testing phase for several previous days. The SPCA was called and the bird was taken away. Remediation was not practical, for both legs were broken. The bird was euthanized a few days later.”    Loretta Shields presentation

West Lincoln Glanbrook Wind Action Group(WLGWAG) held their annual general meeting which was followed by a public information meeting held in alliance with Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc. (MAWTI). Good eats, good people and good discussions ensued. The meeting was well attended including local West Lincoln Council members and the newly elected MPP of Niagara West- Glanbrook, Sam Oosterhoof.  The MPP took multiple questions ranging from rising electrical rates and included impacts and harms of the wind projects.  The area is the unwilling host of several wind projects including HAF Wind Energy and Niagara Wind.  The groups are hard at work to ensure protection of all residents from the risks now present in our communities.

Public Information Meeting and AGM – December 1st, 2016

The following documents were presented and discussed at WLGWAG & MAWT’s Public Information Meeting session;

1.) What’s New? – Dec. 2016 Update – By Mike Jankowski:
In Niagara, one of the world’s largest wind power generation facilities has risen above our landscape. Here, we discussed a brief overview of recent events, what we are doing about it and who we will work with to see it through.
Click here to view Mike’s presentation.

2.) The High Costs of Keeping the Lights On – By Deb Hughes:
From 2006-15, electricity costs have risen over 60% and continue to. Here, Deb discussed how this happened and explains how Wind Power Generation is playing a significant part in this.
Click here to view Deb’s presentation.

3.) Why We Didn’t Need Wind Capacity and What Really Replaced Coal? – By Catherine Mitchell:
In Ontario, businesses are challenged to be profitable and people struggle to pay their bills due to the high cost of electricity. Here we discuss why we already had extra power capacity without wind and that actually Hydro and Solar did more to replace coal than wind.
Click here to view Catherine’s presentation.

4.) Tree Cutting: Consequences to Ecological Services & Destruction of our Roadside Landscape – By Loretta Shields:
One of the main drivers behind the Green Energy Act was to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.  Carbon dioxide is considered a greenhouse gas, and shown to have a role in climate change.  Trees absorb or “sequester” carbon dioxide, and provide a means to store atmospheric carbon for many, many years.
West Lincoln, Wainfleet and Haldimand lost thousands of trees which were cut down or trimmed to make way for industrial wind power.  Ironically, no remediation plans for the replacement of these trees has been announced by the Niagara Region Wind Farm.  Our Community is now in a deficit position in terms of carbon sequestration.  Other ecological services provided by trees, including oxygen production, habitat for wildlife, the reduction of home emissions due to shading homes (cooling effects) and windbreaks (reducing heating costs) are now also reduced.

US Forest Carbon Calculator:  Click here

Click here to view Loretta’s presentation.

5.) Reporting Issues: What and Where Should I Report? – By Anne Fairfield:
The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change has authority over wind power generation and is the regulator mandated to protect communities. If you experience issues you suspect are due to wind turbines, it is essential you report them. If you do not report – it didn’t happen as far as the documented record is concerned – they can’t manage what they can’t see. Learn what to report and how.

Spills Action Centre: 1-800-268-6060     Call at any time to report
Click here to view Anne’s presentation.

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