Heat or Eat- Green Energy Benefits Few

energy-povertty-2016“Soaring hydro costs have become an Achilles heel for the Liberal government, which took a costly plunge into green energy in 2009 and has been raked over the coals by the auditor general for ignoring its own energy planners and saddling consumers with billions of dollars above market prices for power.”


High hydro costs sending Ontarians to food banks, report says

By John Miner, The London Free Press

Rising power bills — not just lack of good jobs and high food prices — are forcing hundreds of thousands of Ontarians to turn to food banks, a new report by a food bank umbrella group warns.

In yet another sign of the crisis caused for many in the province by soaring electricity rates, the Ontario Association of Food Banks says the fallout is putting the squeeze on the basic needs of many.

“If people have to choose between keeping the lights on and going hungry, they go without food,”

Carolyn Stewart, executive director of the association, said ahead of Monday’s release of the group’s Hunger Report 2016…

READ AT: http://www.lfpress.com/2016/11/27/new-report-says-soaring-power-bills-help-force-hundreds-of-thousands-in-ontario-to-food-banks

2 thoughts on “Heat or Eat- Green Energy Benefits Few”

  1. This heat or eat issue will be no more as the government switches over all Hydro one customers in arrears with the company. … to the “Pay as you go” hydro meters… modelled after the liberal governments wildly successful “pay to play” scheme….. hydro one customers switched to this new program will need to prepay hydro one for hydro they would like to consume…. now if Ontarions have no money for hydro it’s not the liberals fault or hydro ones fault you don’t have hydro….. it’s yours because you don’t have any cash to prepay hydro…..
    Prepare yourselves….

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