Environmental Risk Assessment of Water Sources due to wind project

sneddon-law-windWind development includes risk of contamination to water sources. In Scotland planning conditions are to be reviewed in a public hearing for the proposed Sneddon Law Community Wind. The project has appealed to discharge conditions meant to be protective of water sources for its wind power complex.

Sneddon Law Community Wind Project details can be reviewed here: http://www.communitywindpower.co.uk/projects/sneddon/16.htm

An environmental risk assessment hearing was prompted by information contained in the recently published Sneddon Law WF Private Water Supply Risk Assessment (PWS RA): https://app.box.com/s/61683trl1bryoq9sjlyp1wvffufpk945

Dr.Rachel Connor who is Chair Moscow and Waterside Community Council outlines concerns and background in a letter which can be read at the following link: https://scotlandagainstspin.org/2016/11/sneddon-law-windfarm-water-supplies-and-rights-of-representation-request-for-help-from-dr-rachel-connor/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook

The public has until 21st December 2016 to submit comments.
Send to the Case Officer: Colin Bell   Colin.Bell@gov.scot

The full case can be viewed at www.dpea.scotland.gov.uk Case No PPA-190-2058 and at





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