Niagara Wind Who are you going to Call?

Why, Where and How to Report Health & Wellness Issues or Observations

Niagara Wind Contact Number: 1-884-363-6491

Call 911 for emergencies

MOECC Niagara District Office  (Mon. – Friday 08:30 – 5 p.m.) 905-704-3900 or 1-800-263-1035 x 43906

 Any Time: call MOECC – Spills Action Centre


Parts of the NRWF industrial scale wind facility have become operational -that is -not only spinning, but also under load (Generating power).  Now it gets interesting…

The best things we can do to protect ourselves:

  1. Maintain a logical frame of mind:
    1. Do not focus on any noise or vibration they might create in your home – only observe if they are present or not, then focus away.
  1. If noise and/or vibration is present:
    1. Keep a log of what you observed and when you observed it.
    2. Include what you did about it
    3. Complete the log as soon as you can after the event occurs – improves accuracy.
    4. Please see the linked “Wellness Log” template below you may wish to use. I prefer to use Google Drive because I can access the log from anywhere on any device. (Requires a free Google Gmail account)
  1. Report any issues through official channels:
    1. This is the primary method by which we can effect change!
    2. The Wind Power Corporation is bound by law to report conditions to the MOE(Ministry of the Environment), when you issue an incident report to them.
    3. Even if you don’t get any reply – continue doing this. The reports of issues can be obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request and used.

Please circulate these materials to your friends and neighbours. We hope that no one feels any negative reaction, but if we do, we must not suffer in silence.

Here is a link to a Wellness Log Template. Ways to use this file:

  1. Sign up for a Gmail account, open the spreadsheet and click “File > Make a Copy”
  2. If you don’t have or want a Gmail account, click “File > Download As > Microsoft Excel”
  3. Print

Wishing everyone good health and happiness.

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