Turbine Collapses when is it too close?


August 17, 2016 in Nova Scotia an Enercon turbine collapsed. The technician working in the turbine was able to exit the turbine safely.

Source: http://www.windpowermonthly.com/article/1406395/enercon-investigating-turbine-incident-Canada

“Enercon has launched an investigation into the collapse of a turbine at the 23.3MW Point Tupper wind farm located close to Port Hawkesbury in Nova Scotia, Canada.

The German turbine manufacturer said the incident, which occurred during a component exchange last Wednesday, triggered an evacuation alarm before the turbine collapsed and that nobody was injured.

The wind farm was developed by a joint venture between Canada’s Renewable Energy Services, which is the controlling shareholder, and Nova Scotia Power.

It uses Enercon E-82 and Enercon E-48 turbines, although Enercon did not specify which model was involved in the collapse.

“With close to 1000 wind turbines installed in Canada over the course of the last 15 years, this is the first time that such an event has occurred,” Enercon said in a statement.

A technical team is probing the incident, which did not occur during regular operations and is “undoubtedly an isolated one”, Enercon said…”

READ MORE: http://renews.biz/103859/enercon-probes-canadian-collapse/#.V7srAMS-P6U.twitter

A dramatic multiple turbine collapse event involving 8 Enercon turbines occurred in Brazil during an extreme weather event in 2014.

Source: http://www.portal-energia.com/forte-tempestade-derruba-8-aerogeradores-em-parque-eolico-no-rs-brasil/

The issue of turbine failures,setbacks to homes and safety was heard at the tribunal appeal hearing challenging the renewable energy approval granted for the Niagara Wind project.  The community was assured by their experts that catastrophic turbine failures and component liberation are rare events and the setbacks in the project are adequate.

The chart below is taken from the closing written reply of Mothers Against Wind Turbines and gives the reader an idea of how close the 3MW Enercon 101 turbines of 124m in height are placed to homes in the Niagara Wind project.

Ontario’s 550 metre setback and noise limits are waived if you agree to host a turbine on your land.  Something to ponder in light of the recent “isolated” event.

155. Participating receptors predicted noise exposure levels as extracted from the Niagara Region Wind Farm Noise Assessment Report, September 30, 2014   often exceed the 40 dBA worst case sound power level thresholds detailed in the chart below:

“P” stands for participating


Receptor Number


Sound Limit in dBA


Distance to Closet Turbine


Closet Turbine


Page of Noise Assessment Report

P1191 40.6 529 m T75 Pg.40 of 291
P1235 41.3 451m T75 40
P1562 41.5 370m T36 40
P1610 42.7 429m T36 40
P1666 46 253m T65 40
P1688 40.6 612m T01 40
P1703 41.7 488m T65 40
P1711 40.3 702m T01 40
P1765 41.4 590m T76 40
P1846 41 629m T76 40
P1848 41.5 427m T55 40
P1872 41 593m T76 40
P191 43.4 336m T88 40
P1981 40.2 671m T76 40
P2293 40.2 573m T31 40
P2529 40.5 446m T56 40
P2548 40.9 632m T33 40
P2550 40.9 693m T34 40
P2579 43.8 380m T33 40
P2590 45.4 280m T35 40
P2614 41.4 693m T02 40
P2636 40.6 506m T35 40
P2640 41.1 510m T23 40
P3160 40.4 564m T18 40
P3171 40.3 574m T60 40
P3893 41.7 425m T24 41
P3897 42.1 398m T04 41
P411 40.4 563m T51 41
P439 40.3 546m T39 41
P580 40.1 537m T90 41
P595 44.7 299m T94 41
P689 44 289m T07 41

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