Bottled Water Not Practical


By Trevor Terfloth, Chatham Daily News

Water Wells First held a demonstration at a Chatham Township farm on Friday to show how difficult it would be logistically for farmers and their livestock to use bottled water.

The proposed North Kent 1 Wind Project, which calls for 40 to 50 wind turbines to be constructed in the area, has some residents worried that the vibrations from the turbines could result in dirty water in their wells.

The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change’s renewable energy approval states that the company “immediately provide an adequate amount of bottled water to the impacted party until such time that the issue has been resolved.”

About a dozen residents were in attendance for Friday’s event, with people acting out various scenarios using bottled water.

Some of these included trucks lining up for cases, pouring bottled water into a trough for horses and creating a makeshift shower with bottles hanging from a tree.

Scott Brooksbank, who owns the Countryview Line farm, said an average horse can consume two to five cases of water per day.

“How are we supposed to water livestock?” he asked.


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