Why we had to abandon our home


“This is an Interview that we did for Irish radio at our abandoned house in Roscommon .I am posting this in response to some questions about how we dealt with the wind farm noise issues ,did we get compensation from the developer ,did the developer buy our house any why we had to abandon our home, and why we did not sue the Developer . There are seven families in County Cork who are in litigation against a developer after they and their children abandoned their homes over six years ago .We were offered the same legal team on a pro bono basis and declined the offer for two reasons ,one was the fact that we are both over sixty years old and were not prepared to spend six years or more fighting an entity with deep pockets and time on their hands,sure they only have to stretch things out in the hope that we might die before we get to court .The second reason was that having spent the rainy day money buying a new home exposing ourselves to any further loss if we lost a courtcase was a chance we were not prepared to take .We did however over a two year period and at our own expense travel to over 40 village halls and community centres across Ireland whose beautiful places were going to be destroyed by Industrial wind turbines to alert people to the noise torture that we had endured for two years an the associated health issues so that they at least had the truth from two victims and could make an informed decision about Industrial Turbines in their back yards .Dorothy and I were blessed that we had the funds to move on buy another house and try to get back to the people that we were before we we victimised by this Government and corporate greed. Our hearts go out to you if you are being tortured and cant escape .”

Michael Keane

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